Vindicate in a sentence

What does vindicate mean? It means to be cleared from any kind of accusation or suspicion.

Noun: -vindicator

Adjective: -self-vindicated

Sentence Examples: –

  • There is new evidence that seems to suggest that one can vindicate the defendant of any kind of charges that relate to the matter of salt or any kind of breaking and entering into the shop.
  • If you would like to vindicate the look of incredulousness in your face, it is time for you to come clean.
  • You have the full right to vindicate this claim to the property, the only thing that you need to do is to show the original deed of right in relation to the real estate.
  • It is a well-known fact that after creating a lot of misfortune, my grandfather had looked upon the occasion of the Christmas to try and vindicate his position; however, that failed dearly.
  • It is expected of you to look into a wonderful approach, try and understand the need to vindicate yourself of your position before you can take a stance into this new abortion bill, said the senator.
  • Despite the fact that you would like to get him away from the charges, you must first vindicate him from any kind of presence in that particular place of crime.

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