Use Vindictive In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Vindictive in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vindictive, Vindictively and Vindictiveness.

Vindictive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Vindictive (adjective) means revengeful or unforgiving. It refers to a desire to seek revenge to the extent of hurting someone emotionally or physically.

No matter or how big or small the act of the actual revenge is, the feeling or resentment that vindictive people harbor in their hearts is usually intense.

Use vindictive in your vocabulary by associating it with malicious pieces of gossip, vengeful people, spiteful thoughts, mean behavior, hostile actions or nasty attitude.

Vindictiveness could be both genuine and justified or unreasonable and totally baseless.

Vindictive: Other Grammatical Forms

Vindictively (adverb)

Vindictiveness (noun)

Vindictive in a Sentence Examples

1) I will never be able to forget that vindictive look in her eyes when she found out that her boyfriend was hanging out with another girl.

2) How can such a quiet girl turn so vindictive? It’s like she has become a completely different person.

3) When people get into relationships, they tend to become more possessive and eventually vindictive when things go wrong.

4) You better not have anything to do with vindictive friends. They can suck your energy to help them take revenge from other people for the most trivial of reasons.

5) My boss generally resorts to scorching sarcasm when he feels vindictive towards someone he can’t show his anger to.

6) Her vindictive glance was enough to tell me that I should be watching out for her next attack.

7) No one in our group likes him because he is vindictive and spreads hated instead of love amongst everyone.

8) Being a businessman and learning the hard way has made him a vindictive person. He was never so revengeful before.

9) You haven’t seen the vindictive side of powerful people yet. The can be just as good enemies as friends.

10) The wife’s tantrums don’t end at being suspicious of her husband. She actually turns vindictive if she smells something fishy.

Vindictively in a Sentence Examples

1) Clenching her fists vindictively, she walked towards me with a volley of abuses ready to flow from her mouth.

2) Both students were acting vindictively towards each other without any reason. Little did they know that they had been instigated against one another.

3) In competitive professions, people are likely to behave vindictively. You have no choice but to adapt and learn if you want to survive.

4) The innocent girl was vindictively framed into the murder case by the guy who had a crush on her. Everyone thinks he did so because his feelings weren’t reciprocated.

5) My child has succumbed to the bad habit of behaving vindictively when he does not get something he wants.

6) The mob protested vindictively against the government when they realized that their demands had not been met and their benefits were compromised on.

7) My colleague vindictively and unethically spread some gossip about another colleague who he didn’t like.

8) The vindictively written message that was mysteriously left in the mailbox outside the house scared everyone.

9) The teacher vindictively asked the parents to withdraw their complaint against him or else he would manipulate the grades of their child.

10) The author vindictively opined about the work of his contemporary he had received stinging criticism from the same person earlier.

Vindictiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) So much vindictiveness had been built between them that it was impossible to forget everything and forge a new friendship.

2) It is sad to see that the mind and soul of such an intelligent boy is filled with vindictiveness for his friend. He deserves to invest his energy in better things.

3) The vindictiveness between the fiercely competitive students was palpable. The teacher could sense the tension mounting in the room.

4) Her vindictiveness has made her a very negative person. She has lost the ability to forgive and let go.

5) All the vindictiveness in the office was affecting everyone’s efficiency. Employees wasted more time in strategizing against each other rather than working.

6) Most mothers did not allow their kids to watch that popular TV show because it promoted vindictiveness, lies and deceit amongst teenagers.

7) Their relationship was plagued by vindictiveness and lying. The husband doubted his wife at every step and the wife refused to believe a single word that came out from her husband’s mouth.

8) What will the kids of this family learn if two grown men show nothing but vindictiveness for each other?

9) It was because she was hurt, abused and exploited in the past that her heart had become full of vindictiveness for anyone who tried to get near her.

10) The customer’s voice was full of vindictiveness for the manager who refused to replace the products and accept that they were faulty.


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