Use Vivacious in a Sentence: Meaning,Sentence Examples

How to use Vivacious in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Vivacious, Vivaciously, Vivaciousness and Vivacity.

Vivacious: Definition and Meaning

Vivacious (adjective) means lively, animated or exuberant.

The word can be used to describe a person who is very zestful or full of life.

Vivaciousness is a quality which is often ascribed to a woman who is attractive because of her high-spiritedness and enthusiasm.

Create a sentence with the word vivacious to express an animated personality or cheerful demeanor. Associate it with a person who is like a breath of fresh air, lot of fun to be with and who has the ability to light up a room with his or her joviality.

Vivacious: Other Grammatical Forms

Vivaciously (adverb)

Vivaciousness (noun)

Vivacity (noun)

Vivacious in a Sentence Examples

1) The vivacious rhythm of the song uplifted everyone’s mood, making them take to the dance floor and let their hair loose.

2) He stopped to turn around and look at a vivacious young woman who walked across him in the lobby.

3) I am sure you will have a fun summer with your aunt because she is a vivacious person who can gel with just about anyone.

4) Giving him a vivacious wink, she asked him whether he would like to join her for coffee or not. His reply was obviously affirmative.

5) Being her vivacious self, she charmed the pants off all the CEOs present in the meeting even though she was presenting in front of them for the first time.

6) The reality show wants to cast models who have vivacious personalities and who can do daring tasks without hesitation.

7) Be careful of doing business with her because she will use her vivacious charm to manipulate things to her advantage.

8) Her vivacious bunch of friends created havoc wherever they went. But the important thing was that they had fun.

9) This marketing vacancy is open only to vivacious women in the age group of 20 to 25 who can communicate well and speak at least three languages.

10) The vivacious entertaining skills of the band impressed everyone at the party. In fact, they even managed to bag a few new contracts.

Vivaciously in a Sentence Examples

1) While everyone was exhausted after dancing all night, she still had the energy to chat vivaciously with her friends.

2) She spoke vivaciously about different shades of makeup because cosmetics was her field of expertise.

3) She narrated the story so vivaciously that we could imagine it happening in front of our eyes. She truly was a gifted raconteur.

4) While he got down on his knees and vivaciously expressed his love for her, everyone around them looked astounded.

5) You shouldn’t have spoken so loudly and vivaciously at a somber event like her cousin’s funeral.

6) She smiled vivaciously at all her fans, leaving them begging for more.

7) It was not her fame or wealth but her vivaciously beautiful personality that captured my heart in one glance.

8) My parents danced vivaciously on their thirtieth anniversary and I prayed for them to always stay this way.

9) She carried herself vivaciously in the party even though she had lost her father just a few days back. No one could make out that she was going through so much emotional stress.

10) The house was done up vivaciously in bright colors of red, maroon, pink and green. The couple wanted the ambience to transmit a cheerful vibe.

Vivaciousness in a Sentence Examples

1) Her vivaciousness was so infectious that all the introverts in our group opened themselves up by the end of the trip.

2) It was because our dance teacher’s vivaciousness that we enjoyed three grueling months of rehearsals at school.

3) The vivaciousness and grace in her movements at this age was unbelievable. No wonder she was admired by everybody.

4) After his retirement, everyone is going to miss his vivaciousness in the otherwise dull and drab workspace.

5) The routine was flawless but the judges wanted to see more vivaciousness from the dancers. They wanted them to set the stage on fire.

Vivacity in a Sentence Examples

1) Although she always displayed vivacity, there was a lot of sadness and melancholy dug inside the depths of her heart.

2) Everyone was attracted to her vivacity, intelligence, sense of humor and overall personality. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t like her.

3) The vivacity and enthusiasm he brought to the project rubbed onto everyone else and a fabulous presentation was delivered.

4) Her vivacity is impossible to match. Even at the age of eighty, she is feisty and effervescent like no other woman can even think of being.

5) It is important for a person in a leadership role to have vivacity and the knack for interacting with a large variety of people.

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