Voluble in a sentence

What does voluble  mean?: -a person talking incessantly, fluently

Noun: -volubleness, volubility

Adjective: -nonvoluble

Sentence Examples: –

  • If I have had a few drinks, you can be pretty sure that I would become voluble within a short period of time.
  • It is of common knowledge that the people that are voluble are never at a loss for any kind of words. They would be able to adapt to any situation.
  • For the Guinness Book of World Records, you would either have to be voluble in your speech, all you would have to look at some other records to make your name.
  • Whenever Jonathan consumes a lot of alcohol, he starts becoming voluble and can chat for hours. Normally, he is an introvert.
  • When Jenny was a member of the Council, she was extremely voluble and did not hesitate to express the opinion that she had on any subject for hours at end.
  • When you think about the trauma that he has faced recently, it becomes evident for you that he would never be as voluble as before.

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