Voracious in a Sentence

What does voracious mean? It means somebody that craves for a lot of food or knowledge that is excessive in nature.

Noun: -voraciousness

Adjective: -unvoracious

Sentence Examples: –

  • Are you a voracious reader? If so, then you will definitely possess a vocabulary to die for.
  • For the sumo wrestlers, being a voracious eater is very necessary as they would need to have a lot of carbohydrates and proteins just so that they would be able to maintain their physique.
  • There are various types of voracious animals that you would be able to find in the jungle, and they have the capability of catching and eating anything that they can lay their paws on.
  • In order for you to survive in the world, you would have to be voracious in your understanding of the language, and try and seek out extra information as and when you find it possible.
  • It is only after being sick for a long period of time did I turn out to be a voracious eater.

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