Vulnerable: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Vulnerable in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vulnerable, Vulnerability and Vulnerably.

Vulnerable Definition and Meaning with Examples

Vulnerable (adjective) means being susceptible to danger or harm of any kind. This harm could be physical or emotional in nature.

Vulnerable is used to describe the powerlessness or inability to deal with an attack or assault.

Use vulnerable to express the emotion of helplessness towards a person or situation.

It can also be used to describe the feeling of being exposed to criticism, disasters, temptation or any ailment. The context may be a certain weakness, incapability or helplessness in a certain situation.

Vulnerable: Other Grammatical Forms

Vulnerability (noun)

Vulnerably (adverb)

Vulnerable in a Sentence Examples

1) She felt very vulnerable throughout her teenage years because she was abused as a child.

2) Don’t allow your cat to roam freely outside the house. It will become vulnerable to attacks from bears that tend to stray near residences from the valley.

3) Why put yourself in a vulnerable position by taking public transport late in the night?

4) He made himself vulnerable to street violence by deciding to purchase a house in a communally sensitive zone.

5) If you ask for an obligation from your manager, you will be putting yourself in a vulnerable position to be exploited by him in the future.

6) Don’t make yourself vulnerable to a cold by standing out in the porch without wearing a jacket.

7) The incessant increase in price will leave businesses vulnerable to unprecedented losses.

8) The country is most vulnerable to attack towards its northern border.

9) You did not do the right thing by letting everyone know about her secret. Now you have made her more vulnerable.

10) If you are vulnerable healthwise, you are better off avoiding this mountaineering trip.

Vulnerability in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t let your vulnerability get the better of you. Be strong and you will be able to get over all your problems.

2) Vulnerability towards danger increases when women don’t take enough care of their own safety.

3) The increase in weaponry of our neighboring countries has intensified our vulnerability attacks.

4) Don’t take advantage of her vulnerability just because she isn’t the type of person who will stand up for herself.

5) It is advisable to not let elderly people above the age of eighty live alone. They may increase their vulnerability to falls and other physical injuries.

6) It was foolish of her to have exposed her vulnerability by talking about her weaknesses in front of everyone.

7) This house is built with special materials which reduces its vulnerability to earthquakes.

8) The sound health measures taken by the government have decreased the public’s vulnerability to many common illnesses.

9) He tried to hide his vulnerability as much as he could, but his jittery hands gave him away.

10) One weak link in the team will expose our vulnerability in no time.

Vulnerably in a Sentence Examples

1) The only reason he behaved vulnerably in front of her was that he loved her and had no qualms in exposing his limitations.

2) Behaving vulnerably will give your colleagues the opportunity to take advantage of you in every situation.

3) If security personnel behave vulnerably, what confidence does that leave the public with?

4) He vulnerably acknowledged that he was dependent on many medicines for the upkeep of his health.

5) His fear of heights crippled him and made him behave vulnerably on the camping trip.

6) How can you talk so vulnerably when you know that she will lose her confidence if you become nervous?

7) Standing vulnerably in the rain, she sobbed as she mourned the loss of her mother.

8) She vulnerably accepted her fate when her boyfriend broke up and left. She always knew that she had been in love with him more than he was with her.

9) Behaving vulnerably was a facade that he put up to delude you.

10) The subject of the painting was a woman who looked vulnerably beautiful, evoking sympathy and awe simultaneously.

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