Acumen: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Acumen in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Acumen.

Acumen Definition and Meaning with Examples

Acumen (noun) means sharpness, shrewdness or insightfulness. It can be used to describe a person’s intellectual or technical ability.

The word refers to the qualities of being able to make keen judgments, having accuracy and showing perception in a particular field of work.

Create a sentence with the word acumen to suggest astuteness or cleverness.

A person who can make quick and accurate decisions in the field of business is said to have good business acumen. Similarly, a person can ride on his or her acumen and experience to make good decisions.

Acumen: Other Grammatical Forms


Acumen in a Sentence Examples

1) No matter how much money you have, you won’t be able to multiply it if you don’t have good business acumen.

2) He has shown great financial acumen by investing his money in the right instruments as opposed to his brother who lost all his money in gambling.

3) My grandfather always displayed incisive acumen in all areas of life – social, political, financial and personal.

4) She has the acumen of spotting the right people for the job which no other HR professional has.

5) I always run my essays though my mother before sending them to my teacher because she has the acumen of spotting mistakes instantly.

6) While I manage the creative end of my business, my best friend manages the financial side because she has the acumen for it.

7) If you have so much market insight and commercial acumen, why don’t you use it by setting up a business of your own?

8) I am looking for candidates who can show good business acumen, judgment and commitment towards success.

9) He has gathered a lot of acumen about making profitable decisions from his decade-long career in the industry.

10) She took advantage of her acumen to judge whether the market was going to go up or down and advised us accordingly.

11)  I have been working with the same bunch of electricians from the longest time because they have shown good technical acumen and skills.

12) I am lucky enough to make use of my father’s sagacity and acumen in the field of plastics manufacturing.

13) His numerical acumen is spot on. Give him a bunch of numbers and he will recognize a pattern in them.

14) The journalist wanted to know more about all the acumen he had gathered in his short football career of five years.

15) The students asked him a variety of questions in order to benefit from his commercial acumen. After all, he had been the mayor of the city from the last ten years.

16) It was an absolute pleasure to meet a business leader with such defined vision, acumen and determination to succeed.

17) Knowing his knack of handling people and acumen of dealing with money, I am sure he is going to have a successful exhibition.

18) No one doubts his acumen and ability to make the best decisions in times of a financial crisis, but we have to get an approval from the higher authorities this time around.

19) Why bother getting into an argument about current affairs with a man who is known to have great political acumen?

20) After reading the article, everyone was convinced that his acumen in the field of marketing could be trusted.

21) It was his acumen that saved the day for us. If it’s wasn’t for his suggestions, we would have ended up submitting a shoddy report.

22) She trusted her brother’s acumen and agreed to put in ten thousand dollars in his business, not knowing what she was getting into.

23) My acumen tells me that this is not the right time to invest in property. You should wait for the markets to gain some momentum.

24) What made the industrialist successful wasn’t his business flair and acumen alone, but his technical prowess and ability to deal with people.

25) It’s remarkable to see how his zest for life and business acumen hasn’t rusted even after having retired at such an early age.

26) What’s the point of having so much experience and acumen when you can’t pass it on to your own kids?

27) Considering that he is a prodigy and has amazing intellectual acumen, he will be able to solve the conundrum in no time.

28) The contest was held by the school authorities to test everyone’s mathematical acumen and select the right candidates for the national quiz competition.

29) My teacher had immense statistical acumen and I loved learning new methods of sampling numerical data from her.

30) His acumen in social matters was well-known and people came from all sorts of background to take his advice.

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