How to Use Conundrum in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Conundrum in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Conundrum.

Conundrum Definition and Meaning with Examples

Conundrum (noun) means a dilemma or tricky difficulty.

The word is generally used to describe any type of quandary or difficult situation in everyday life.

Conundrum can also refer to a puzzle, word game, brain-teaser or anagram which is difficult to decode.

Form a sentence with the word conundrum to suggest a mystery, enigma or a complex situation. Whether it is a child solving a math riddle or a manager trying to get out of a vexing problem, both these situations pose a conundrum.

Conundrum: Other Grammatical Forms


Conundrum in a Sentence Examples

1) One conundrum after the other, she waded through every volley that life threw at her.

2) The conundrum raised by one of our junior colleagues left everyone perplexed, even our boss who had so many years of experience.

3) We had reached a dead end in sorting out the financial conundrum that was plaguing our company from the past six months.

4) What we saw as a corporate conundrum which required a team of experts to solve, our juniors saw as an opportunity for some out of the box thinking.

5) The political conundrum ensued as the politicians plunged into a vicious verbal battle on the TV show.

6) What began as a mere riddle, ended up being a moral conundrum of epic proportions.

7) The company faced the conundrum of compensating its loyal employees after it announced bankruptcy.

8) The committee has been established to help you sort through every conundrum that may arise during your political career.

9) Although the conundrum seems never-ending, we will have to find out some way to bring an end to it.

10) While she was trying to figure out how to get through the mighty conundrum that life had thrown, her son played with his toys obliviously.

11) The most difficult part of the conundrum was left unanswered by all the students in class.

12) While most of us would get hung up on the nitty-gritties of a conundrum, he would invest time in thinking about innovative solutions.

13) It was finally decided that an expert should be called to end the technical conundrum that was eating away into the production of the company.

14) The kid was rewarded by his teacher for being the only one in the class to be able to solve a conundrum based on mathematical calculations and logic.

15) There is a reason why we are paying you truckloads of money as a consultant – we want you to solve this conundrum as soon as possible.

16) Instead of feeling handicapped by the intensity of the conundrum, think of ways in which you can wriggle out of this situation.

17) Since she is an expert at Sudoku, I expect her to be better equipped to solve this mathematical conundrum.

18) The verbal conundrum appeared simple, but was complicated on deeper reflection.

19) He said that he would charge a hundred bucks for every answer with regards to solving the conundrum. Since we were in need, we have no option but to acquiesce.

20) What was being touted as a complex conundrum, turned out to be a simple puzzle in the end.

21) I took my mother’s help in solving the emotional conundrum that life had put in front of me. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

22) Posed with a seemingly insurmountable conundrum, the team was left worried, feeble and fatigued.

23) I wonder what you have done to put yourself in this ridiculous conundrum in the first place.

24) Instead of tackling the conundrum hands-on, the government has taken indirect measures to address the problem.

25) A petty problem became a conundrum because it was not nipped in the bud. If it has been controlled earlier on, things would have been much better today.

26) Their relationship had become less of a source of happiness and more of an endless conundrum.

27) An environmental conundrum that I recently read about in the papers has received much attention over the internet too.

28) Should I stay by my husband’s side or make efforts to know his family better? I find myself in this conundrum every time I am at a family do.

29) My biggest conundrum was to figure how to invest the big chunk of inheritance I received from my dad.

30) What lies at the heart of the conundrum is the fact that he is personally involved. There is nothing more to the problem.

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