Affinity in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Affinity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Affinity.

Affinity Definition and Meaning with Examples

Affinity (noun) means empathy or inclination. It refers to a feeling of like-mindedness, accord or compatibility towards something or someone.

It can be used to describe the similarity of features between two things which is indicative of a relationship.

In chemistry, affinity refers to the degree to which substances combine with each other. It can also refer to a relationship that has been formed because of marriage.

People who choose not to become mathematicians or physicists obviously don’t have an affinity to numbers.

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Affinity in a Sentence Examples

1) Growing up in a political family, it comes as no surprise that he has a natural affinity for work that involves leadership and decision-making.

2) Since he has grown up in this city, he is likely to have an affinity for it no matter how far and wide he travels.

3) The affinity between them is gradually growing. In fact, an affair might be just around the corner.

4) The teacher sensed a growing affinity between the two of her brightest students and hoped that they would get together some day.

5) He has an affinity with all sorts of artists and creative people because he has grown up in a household of art aficionados.

6) The economy will benefit from the growing affinity between the leaders of the two countries.

7) Just because he had a tough time getting a break in Hollywood, he has always had an affinity for newcomers.

8) It’s not wrong to have an affinity for people who belong to your hometown but you can’t let any bias creep in your decisions while hiring them.

9) People have an affinity towards products endorsed by their favorite celebrities.

10) Even though there is no natural affinity between the people of the two nations, they have never given each other a reason to go to war.

11) The artist is famously known to have an affinity for bright colors. He uses flamboyant palettes in most of his work.

12) My stepdad has an affinity for me amongst all my siblings because we share many common interests.

13) He has an affinity for vintage cameras because he has seen his dad deal with antiques for all his life.

14) The filmmaker has a natural affinity for horror stories. He hasn’t tried his hand at any other genre yet.

15) The price of the stock plummeted because many investors suddenly stopped having an affinity to it.

16) As a teacher, you have to be totally unbiased. You cannot show affinity for a particular set of students.

17) There is a great affinity between some words in our language but their meanings are completely different.

18) The CEO of the advertising agency has an affinity for graduates who send innovative resumes. He thinks that it is a perfect representation of their creative streak.

19) If you mix two fruit juices that don’t have a natural affinity for each other, you might end up creating a rancid cocktail.

20) As an immigrant who faced much discrimination, she began to have an affinity for other marginalized sections of the society.

21) The professor developed an affinity for his student and looked forward to working with her every day.

22) They share a mutual affinity for each other just because their grandfathers were business partners.

23) The philanthropist has an affinity for organizations that support education as opposed to those who simply give out food packets to the homeless.

24) The designer decided not to use faux leather because it didn’t seem to show much affinity for the embellishments that she was going to embroider on it.

25) There are many reasons that there is no affinity between them – lies and deceit being some of them.

26) My daughter developed an affinity for non-fiction since childhood even though it is an extremely difficult genre to understand at a young age.

27) Their relationship started with an unexpected introduction, turned into affinity and is now heading towards a torrid affair.

28) Some milk-based ingredients don’t have much affinity for sour toppings.

29) Although they’ve worked with each other for over thirty years, they share no affinity or camaraderie of any sort.

30) The reason why we feel so much affinity for this country is that it gave us refuge when no one else allowed us in.

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