Use Feral in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Feral in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Feral.

Feral: Definition and Meaning

Feral (adjective) means wild, untamed and savage. Although the word refers to those animals which escape into the wild after being domesticated, its usage extends itself to describing an animal-like ferociousness in behavior, thought or action.

Add feral to your vocabulary to describe a person who acts in an uncivilized way because of extreme anger. Associate it with an infuriated state of mind, brutal enmity, barbarous behavior, menacing attitude or fierce demeanor (check demeanor in a sentence).

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Feral in a Sentence examples

1) As feral as the teacher looked after knowing that she was the butt of the joke, the students weren’t scared of her at all.

2) Her feral nature and her short temper have become so infamous that no one bothers talking to her anymore.

3) My mother turned feral when she came to know that I had stolen money from her purse to take my crush out for a date.

4) When he turns feral, his skin becomes red, eyes begin to crinkle and palm curls into a tight fist.

5) Many wealthy people have quirky hobbies like taming feral animals. No one knows why they would indulge in a dangerous hobby like that.

6) The rejection of the petition made the protestors feral. There was no way in which their anger could be controlled.

7) He managed to keep his body language calm, but the feral look in his eyes gave him away.

8) My son was bitten by a feral fox. He should have been more careful of hiking in the woods all by himself.

9) They were bound to be feral about the way their project was rejected by their boss without even being duly considered.

10) My boss became feral on knowing about the employee who betrayed him by selling the campaign idea to another rival agency.

11) The way in which he took revenge was nothing short of feral. It was gruesome to say the least.

12) The feral smirk on the stranger’s lips made me feel uncomfortable. I knew I was about to be attacked.

13) The extra dose of medicine was making the psychiatric patient more feral than what he already was.

14) The local evening bulletin flashed breaking news of a feral serial killer who was lurking around the neighborhood.

15) The street was possessed by the screams and protests of the feral mob. It was unsafe to even think about stepping out.

16) The rangers at the national park are trained to handle feral animals because of which they become brave and fearless.

17) As one gang took out their weapons and the other gang ignited the engines of their cars, the atmosphere became feral.

18) The group of drunken teenage boys behaved in a feral way when they left the pub late in the night. They caused a ruckus on the street by driving around their cars with loud music.

19) It may be possible to tame a tiger but it is unlikely to erase its feral tendencies completely.

20) With his teeth clenched, muscles tightened and eyes narrowed, he was looking feral, scary and terrifying.

21) The feral intensity with which her father looked straight into her eyes demanding an explanation for her petty crime was enough to make her confess.

22) Considering the dinginess, squalor and unpleasantness that the community was engulfed in, I was not surprised to know that the children living there were feral enough to commit juvenile crimes.

23) You haven’t seen her feral side yet. If she comes to know that she has been put in a mess because of you, she will go wild.

24) He is ambitious enough to become feral when he doesn’t get what he wants.

25) The celerity gave a feral grimace to the photographer who clicked her on her personal shopping trip without permission.

26) The actor had to make several feral appearances in the movie because he was playing the character of a ghoulish ghost.

27) Becoming feral when you don’t get what you want from the system is not right. You must endeavor to make all the gradual changes yourself.

28) Even though they had become civilized and sophisticated after adopting an urban life, the tribal family resorted to their feral instincts occasionally.

29) The bloodshed that happened because of the battle was an example of the feral animosity that the two communities had for one another.

30) Being in a feral state of mind is not going to help you to make sound business decisions. Get past the debacle that your company faced and calm yourself down.

  • When the dog became feral, he would not try and approach any person. Ultimately, it had to be put down by the animal management.
  • When the child had been living in the wild for a long period of time, it was only natural for him to become feral. He had absolutely no contact with human beings, and only knew how to act like wild animals.
  • When you come across an animal conservationist, the first thing that you notice is that even when the animal is feral, they would try and comfort it the best they can.
  • Upon finding that the horse was feral, Jon took it upon himself to try and break the horse and tame it before the next race.
  • When you come across feral animals in your own backyard, it is important for you to inform the animal management.

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