How to Use Camaraderie in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Camaraderie in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Camaraderie.

Camaraderie Definition and Meaning with Examples

Camaraderie (noun) means friendship or comradeship.

Camaraderie can be used to describe mutual trust and goodwill between strangers, acquaintances or friends.

Use the word to suggest cordiality, brotherhood or a basic level of geniality between people.

Camaraderie is usually associated with colleagues at work, old friends who go back a long way, people who share common hobbies or strangers who find a common reason to bond.

Camaraderie: Other Grammatical Forms


Camaraderie in a Sentence Examples

1) The camaraderie between them grew as they were forced to spend more time with each other at the camp.

2) They came from very different walks of life but the minute they discovered common hobbies, they struck a note of camaraderie.

3) I went green with envy when I saw the camaraderie between them.

4) My best take away from this job hasn’t been the laurels or awards bestowed on me, but the camaraderie I have shared with my colleagues.

5) She quit her job because she couldn’t deal with the fake camaraderie and eventual backbiting of a corporate job.

6) Companies generally sponsor short day trips for employees so that they get a chance to mingle with each other and develop some camaraderie.

7) There was a sudden burst of camaraderie between strangers when the team they were commonly rooting for, won.

8) Camaraderie between defense officers is usually known to be very strong because they spend months together, away from home.

9) He sacrificed his own interests because the camaraderie he shared with his group was more important to him than anything else.

10) Since everyone was working for a philanthropic cause that they liked, the level of camaraderie was continuously increasing.

11) I don’t miss Spanish classes per se, I miss the camaraderie I shared with my batch mates.

12) Even though each one of them was vying to win the competition, it did not affect the camaraderie they shared as participants.

13) Their camaraderie was palpable in the group photograph.

14) It would be truly rare to see camaraderie between a bulldog and a rabbit.

15) Our holiday was boring because there was no sense of camaraderie between the travelers.

16) They don’t get along like a house on fire but their camaraderie is pretty decent.

17) Making international policies more lenient is not going to help strengthen camaraderie between the two nations.

18) Real life camaraderie between actors always translates well on celluloid too.

19) Their camaraderie was not just limited to their workplace, it extended to their personal lives too.

20) She is the one with whom my camaraderie eventually evolved into a lovely marriage.

21) Now that the former arch rivals have retired, there seems to be a bittersweet camaraderie between them.

22) There has to be some amount of congeniality and camaraderie for a dialogue to take place between the two communities.

23) Why don’t you organize a barbecue to encourage camaraderie in your group?

24) The way in which the layers of camaraderie between the two men was portrayed, was profound to say the least.

25) This multiplayer game has been designed especially to enhance camaraderie between people who have never met and are gearing up to work together in the future.

26) While I did everything to boost camaraderie between them, fate did everything to cause animosity.

27) The camaraderie between my son and his newfound friends was gradually turning into a loud bromance.

28) As the party proceeded, everyone felt more comfortable with each other and camaraderie finally trickled in.

29) The real test of camaraderie is adversity. Would your friend support you during rough times?

30) The first sign of phony camaraderie is unnecessary smiling and incessant complimenting.

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