How to use Consensus in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Consensus in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Consensus.

Consensus Definition and Meaning with Examples

Consensus (noun) means unanimity or agreement.

The word can be used to describe solidarity of opinion or a general harmony amongst a group of people.

A consensus can be reached, it can grow gradually or it can be built. For example, unless there is consensus about where a family wants to holiday, it would be impossible to zero down on a destination

Make a sentence with the word consensus to suggest overall unison or accord in a decision or any other matter.

Consensus: Other Grammatical Forms


Consensus in a Sentence Examples

1) We debated and argued for three hours but all the time was wasted because no one reached a consensus in the end.

2) Even after all the fighting, I knew that we would reach a consensus because we were sisters.

3) The general consensus seemed to be that the policy should be implemented and the outcome should be dealt with.

4) There is a growing consensus that the government should allocate more funds to education than urban development.

5) Unless this everyone signs on this document and there is a consensus, we are not going ahead with selling the property.

6) My wife and I reached a consensus about where to send our son for college, only to find out later that he didn’t want attend college at all.

7) The panel was not allowed to make an announcement unless it received a written consensus from its team.

8) The community reached a consensus about spending more money to get better trashcans in the area instead of hosting more annual parties.

9) After reading all the criticism about the minister in the newspapers, people reached a consensus that he was not worth voting for.

10) The consensus was very clear – fulfill the demands of people or be ready to be kicked out.

11) Even after five cups of coffee and three cups of tea, there was no consensus and our talks proved to be futile.

12) The editor told his writer to focus on the political consensus regarding environmental policies in the article.

13) We weren’t able to proceed in our efforts as a team because there was no consensus regarding our plan of action.

14) Laborious discussions have no value if they don’t help us in finding consensus and becoming more productive.

15) As people commented fervently on Facebook, a general consensus emerged.

16) With the growing consensus of the politician’s resignation from the party, turbulence was only expected to grow in the coming days.

17) This is mere eyewash to build consensus among people. No genuine improvements are being made.

18) As long as you don’t deviate from the consensus that has already been reached, you can publish anything you want.

19) Consensus and compromise are the two most important pillars of the lives of a happily married couple.

20) My colleagues decided to put their petty differences aside and focus on the consensus regarding increasing workplace efficiency.

21) The high-level talks were called off after the officials of the two countries failed to reach a consensus on the crucial matter.

22) Millions of Twitter users seemed to be in consensus about the political events unfurling in Europe.

23) The school’s teachers were fed up with the lack of a rest area for the staff. There was a consensus among everyone to take up the issue with the school’s management.

24) As the election results came in, the people’s mandate emerged loud and clear. The whole country had reached a consensus that the existing government had done a good job and should be kept in power for another term.

25) Personal secretaries and assistants were quick to take down notes when both leaders arrived at a consensus.

26) Instead of reaching a consensus about the upcoming project, our colleagues wasted their time by going out for after-work drinks.

27) The general consensus among bosses and team members in the company was very clear. Everyone agreed that sales targets were important benchmarks for giving promotions.

28) If only there was a consensus among the unions and companies, a large number of people would be saved from redundancy packages.

29) She has the knack of building consensus, especially when she needs to use it for her advantage.

30) There was a consensus on the candidate that the community wanted to vote for. Everyone was sick of imposters.

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