Wistful in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Wistful in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Wistful, Wistfully and Wistfulness.

Wistful: Definition and Meaning

Wistful (adjective) means yearning or longing.

The word can be used to describe a reverie which reminds a person of his or her regrets in the past or desire for something from the times gone by.

Wistfulness is associated with a certain sadness regarding the past that arises out of not having done something or made something better than what it was.

Add the word wistful to your vocabulary to express nostalgia or melancholy about something. Use it to describe the slightly pensive or forlorn feeling a person gets after having a brush with the past. It can be a happy feeling of meeting an old friend from school or the feeling of looking at a successful person in the present and thinking that you could have been that person if you did better in college.

Wistful: Other Grammatical Forms

Wistfully (adverb)

Wistfulness (noun)

Wistful in a Sentence Examples

1) There is something extremely wistful about these photographs, especially because they are taken in black and white.

2) What’s the point of being wistful about your failure after so many years? You might as well put more effort in ensuring that the same thing doesn’t happen again.

3) Her eyes were glazed with wistful tears on seeing her ex-husband dancing with another woman.

4) After I read the book, the only thought that remained with me was how wistful the author was about his personal past.

5) The photographer asked the model to give a wistful expression for the calendar as the theme was titled Reflections.

6) Everyone became wistful once they entered the corridors of school – a place that had given them the best memories of childhood.

7) She became wistful while browsing through Facebook because she accidentally got into touch with many of her old friends.

8) The director wanted to include a montage of the actor’s childhood to add to the wistful feel of the autobiographical film.

9) Her voice became wistful as she began to speak of the trials and tribulations that her family had faced all these years.

10) After I got a wistful farewell from my office, I walked back to my house to celebrate my retirement with my family.

Wistfully in a Sentence Examples

1) She looked out of the window wistfully as the tunes of her mother’s favorite symphony wafted from the radio into the room.

2) She called me up and said wistfully that she had no one to talk to like old times. I felt a sudden feeling of guilt surge through my body.

3) She looked wistfully at the trophy lying on his mantelpiece, wishing that her son had won the same.

4) When the actress was asked about her adolescence, she slipped into a reverie and narrated many anecdotes wistfully.

5) This artwork will make your son look back wistfully into his childhood once he grows up and looks at it twenty or thirty years later.

6) It is weird how everyone wants to embrace new technology but they look back wistfully at the older technologies that have been obliterated with time.

7) He looked at his house wistfully after the auction ended. He still had to come to terms with the fact that he had now sold the place where he lived for more than twenty years.

8) Petting the puppy that was cuddled in her arms, she wistfully remembered her own pet that recently died.

9) Now that her son was off to college, she sighed wistfully every time she passed by his room during the day.

10) They sang so wistfully that everyone was transported to their college days when they fell in love for the first time.

Wistfulness in a Sentence Examples      

1) I love listening to old film songs because of the wistfulness they bring with them. It feels great to bask in nostalgia.

2) The wistfulness I felt after watching pictures of my childhood made me realize how much I could have achieved in my life, but failed to.

3) The wistfulness with which she looked at me made me realize that I somehow reminded her of her daughter.

4) Her lost look and moist eyes were evident of the wistfulness she felt on seeing the photograph.

5) The wistfulness in the antiques shop was palpable. All the octogenarians looked at transistor radio sets and thought about their glorious past.

6) When he heard that particular symphony which had helped him survive his breakup, he was gripped with sudden wistfulness.

7) Attending live concerts is an exercise in wistfulness. It brings memories from my college days when we used to sneak away to live concerts late into the night.

8) Their wistfulness made them decorate their house as if they were living in the eighties.

9) The touch of wistfulness in her tone made me realize that she did miss her family a lot, no matter how nonchalant she appeared from outside.

10) When long-lost classmates get together for a drink after a decade, the atmosphere is likely to be full of wistfulness.

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