Despondent in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Despondent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Despondent, Despondently and Despondence.

Despondent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Despondent (adjective) means downcast or low-spirited. It refers to the state of mind of a person who feels hopeless or dejected in a certain circumstance.

It is the loss of courage that leads to this feeling of being glum or morose.


Feeling down in the dumps is the kind of emotion can be encapsulated by the word despondent.

Receiving a health report diagnosing a serious disease, getting negative feedback from a manager or hearing news of a friend’s sudden death are situations that can make a person despondent.

Despondent: Other Grammatical Forms

Despondently (adverb)

Despondence (noun)

Despondent in a Sentence Examples

1) The dark notes of the melody made her grow more and more despondent about her recent breakup with her boyfriend.

2) She may look happy from outside but there is a despondent look in her eyes all the time.

3) The photograph beautifully captures the despondent look in the eyes of the victims.

4) All the despondent fans walked out of the stadium with tears in their eyes because their favorite team had lost.

5) They tried to pull him out of his despondent mood by taking him out for a walk to the beach.

6) It is natural for anyone in love to be despondent over a breakup.

7) Don’t be so despondent about losing your phone. You could have lost something even more expensive.

8) Your despondent attitude is not going to help. It’s only going to bring the rest of us down.

9) The skies are so ominous today that it can make anyone feel despondent over nothing.

10) As news of the increasing death toll came in, the loved ones of the victims grew more despondent by the hour.

Despondently in a Sentence Examples

1) He despondently worked round the clock after his wife’s death, hoping it would help him cope with the enormity of his loss.

2) She strummed the guitar despondently, wondering which soulful melody she should play to soothe her heart.

3) He despondently carried his dead puppy into the backyard. He couldn’t believe that his best friend had died.

4) The film started out on a jovial note but ended pretty despondently.

5) He replied despondently to all the questions that the marriage counselor asked him about his divorce.

6) It is okay to grieve over your failure but you cannot go around behaving despondently with everybody just because you are upset.

7) She doctor spoke despondently about his cancer. It didn’t seem like he had any chances of recovery.

8) His manager reviewed his proposal quite despondently. He expected much more out of him.

9) The officials informed us despondently that they weren’t able to trace the remains of the airplane that had crashed.

10) His parents reacted despondently to the news of his flight delay. They had been ardently waiting to see him.

Despondence in a Sentence Examples

1) The despondence with which he spoke to me on the phone after his father’s death broke my heart.

2) The second earthquake has only added to the growing despondence of the people.

3) He looked around the room with despondence, feeling a strange emptiness.

4) She hung her head low in despondence when she came to know that she had failed the test.

5) The city wore a look of despondence after it had been evacuated for safety reasons.

6) She narrated the story of her mother’s death with a heavy despondence in her voice.

7) The despondence with which she spoke was enough to give us a glimpse of the anguish she was going through.

8) The despondence in the air was palpable. No one expected the project to be terminated so abruptly.

9) His smile didn’t reach his eyes because he had drowned himself in his own despondence and self-pity.

10) There was a general sense of despondence among businessmen because of the losses they had incurred.

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