How to use Derogatory in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Derogatory in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Derogatory, Derogatorily and Derogatoriness.

Derogatory Definition and Meaning with Examples

Derogatory (adjective) means rude, nasty or disrespectful.

The word can be used to describe an action, attitude or behavior which is belittling and demeaning.

Derogatoriness is generally meant to offend others and show them down.

Create a sentence with the word derogatory to express an attitude or approach which is intentionally meant to be spiteful and insulting. Associate it with an unflattering remark, abusive words, hurtful comment or disparaging language.


Derogatory: Other Grammatical Forms

Derogatorily (adverb)

Derogatoriness (noun)

Derogatory in a Sentence Examples

1) Castigation does not necessarily have to be derogatory in nature. You can criticize without using abusive language too.


2) Gone are the days when the words eclectic and quirky were looked upon as derogatory. Now they are termed as cool and trendy.

3) Journalists should check their facts before painting a derogatory picture of politicians and other public faces.

4) You cannot write such a derogatory email to your boss unless you are ready to face the repercussion of being fired.

5) You cannot take the liberty of talking derogatorily to your mother just because you are seething with anger.


6) Celebrities often pay their PR personnel to wipe out all the derogatory information about them floating on the internet.

7) You can give your friends a sweet or funny nick name but you don’t need to give them a derogatory moniker.

8) She shamelessly said that her fondest memories were giving her teachers derogatory names. Isn’t that ridiculous?


9) Political debates should be limited to facts and logic. Derogatory remarks about someone’s character and personality should never be allowed.

10) I was shocked to hear my mom use such derogatory language with the sales representative on the phone.


Derogatorily in a Sentence Examples

1) I slapped him because he dared to speak derogatorily to my father. He should have held his tongue.

2) The more derogatorily you speak to me, the lesser I will be tempted to give you the promotion which is rightfully yours.

3) My mom turned livid on reading a derogatorily written article about women in the newspapers today. She wondered how journalists had the audacity to write something so baseless.


4) You cannot speak to her derogatorily just because she doesn’t hail from a wealthy family. That’s outrageous.

5) If I am spoken to derogatorily just because I am an immigrant, I will complaint to human resources.

6) Will you call out to an animal derogatorily just because it can’t talk back to you? Is this what have parents have taught you?


7) She commented so derogatorily about our new boss in front of everyone, that it embarrassed even those who didn’t like him.


8) She never misses a chance to taunt her contemporaries derogatorily in TV shows and interviews. That is why she has earned the nickname Acid Tongue.

9) The two executives argued with each other very derogatorily. It seemed less like a company boardroom and more like a street market.

10) It’s one thing to give a movie a bad review and another thing to talk about it derogatorily.


Derogatoriness in a Sentence Examples

1) You don’t need to employ derogatoriness while teaching your son a lesson. Just be firm and you will drive home your point.

2) The more I tried to speak him amicably, the more he resorted to derogatoriness in his language.

3) Considering the tainted and unscrupulous actions of the politician, a derogatory expose was much need.

4) We don’t have a problem with the derogatoriness of the term, but the fact that overuse is diluting its meaning.

5) Replete with derogatoriness, the article left no stone unturned to criticize the notorious celebrity.

6) The strongly worded letter was rife with derogatoriness. She should have thought twice before writing such snide remarks in her resignation letter.

7) The derogatoriness in your speech was quite evident. You should not have been so harsh on your colleagues.

8) Being a shy person, she didn’t choose to indulge in the same type of derogatoriness as her friends. She chose to remain true to her roots.

9) Try to avoid derogatoriness while dealing with people. What goes around, comes around.

10) The way he broke her heart was the height of derogatoriness. She was ridiculed and insulted in front of all her friends.

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