How to use Unabashed in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Unabashed in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Unabashed and Unabashedly.

Unabashed Definition and Meaning with Examples

Unabashed (adjective) means shameless, unapologetic or unflinching.

Typically the word refers to people who are not embarrassed about expressing strong feelings or those who don’t fear doing something audacious.

Add the word unabashed to your vocabulary by using it to describe a person who is blatant and brazen. Associate it diehard fans who express love for their favorite actors in public, filmmakers who shamelessly copy soundtracks from other movies or politicians who steadfastly opine on controversial topics.

Unabashed can have a positive or negative connotation.

Unabashed: Other Grammatical Forms

Unabashedly (adverb)


Unabashed in a Sentence Examples

1) It was really inappropriate on his part to express unabashed surprise after hearing about his friend’s accidental success in his exams.

2) She was unabashed about her success even though everyone knew that her work was plagiarized.

3) Her unabashed love for clothes made me gift her something completely outrageous, hoping she would wear it nevertheless.

4) He was unabashed about accepting that he was the one who leaked the test. Apparently, it was his way of rebelling against the system.

5) He may have enjoyed his own unabashed laughter, but everyone else was left embarrassed at the solemn occasion of the funeral.

6) You can hate someone unabashedly, but that doesn’t allow you to posts vengeful things about that person all over the internet.

7) Everybody knows about his unabashed quirk of wearing crumpled clothes and mismatched socks to formal occasions.

8) Rampant and unabashed corruption has thwarted the economic growth of the country, leaving little space for transparency in businesses to thrive.

9) His girlfriend was not mad at him because he lied, but because he lied unabashedly without showing any signs of repentance.

10) The film was an unabashed tribute to the garish and tasteless films of the eighties.

11) She was unabashed about flirting with my boyfriend repeatedly. She showed no signs of stopping even though I had warned her once.

12) The filmmaker was unabashed about making a film in the regional language as compared to everyone else dying to get into the English films market.

13) One of the reasons for her success in this campaign was her unabashed belief in the innovativeness of the idea.

14) His unabashed confidence rubbed his boss the wrong way. His boss mistook his confidence as his haughtiness as and turned down his proposal.

15) My mom hated my favorite actor because he had a criminal record but I was his unabashed fan.

Unabashedly in a Sentence Examples

1) I don’t mind if he behaves unabashedly in front of everyone, I just want him to behave properly when my parents come in.

2) I expressed my admiration for the business tycoon unabashedly on Facebook and sent him a few private messages too.

3) She not only copied the actor’s style unabashedly, but later covered it up by saying that she was paying him homage.

4) The student was unabashedly given an A by her teacher in spite of all the mistakes he made in his essay.

5) I saw a graffiti artist unabashedly spraying the walls of the town hall with colors. It was his way of rebelling and protesting against the government.

6) Not only did the graphic artist copy the image unabashedly, he also made up fictitious stories about how he was inspired to get the idea.

7) He has the guts to moonlight unabashedly only because the manager is very sluggish and makes no efforts in keeping a tab on his employees.

8) My mom praised me unabashedly in front of our neighbors. I wonder why I felt uncomfortable instead of happy.

9) The critics gave harsh reviews to the play, saying that its plot was unabashedly inspired from an old movie.

10) The entire neighborhood unabashedly used the unused parking space as a play area for their toddlers.

11) Can you believe that a son would unabashedly charge his father to fix his car?

12) These days students unabashedly give their teachers excuses for not being able to do their homework in time.

13) It was shocking to see her strategizing unabashedly to ensure that the promotion came to her and not her colleague.

14) Instead of taking her side and supporting her, she laughed unabashedly at her best friend and mocked her in front of everybody.

15) He drank unabashedly in public even though he knew that he could be caught by the police and put behind bars.

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