Horrendous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Horrendous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Horrendous and Horrendously.

Horrendous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Horrendous (adjective) means horrible or terrible. It can be used to describe anything which is hideous or shocking.

The word horrendous refers to actions, emotions, behavior patterns or anything else which is dreadful, unpleasant or awful.

Make a sentence with the word horrendous to describe something frightening, horrid or bad.

There is no limit to the usage of the word horrendous. It can be used to describe anything from a terrible smell, gory sight, shabby work, exorbitant prices, shocking losses to awful circumstances.

Horrendous: Other Grammatical Forms

Horrendously (adverb)

Horrendous in a Sentence Examples

1) Images of the horrendous destruction caused by the tornado were splashed across TV screens yesterday.

2) It was a horrendous experience for me to bump into my ex-husband with his new wife at the supermarket.

3) People seem to start their mornings with horrendous stories of violence and lawlessness by reading newspapers.

4) Although her sartorial choices are nothing less than horrendous, she gets featured in the fashion magazine just because her father publishes it.


5) The most horrendous thing that the owner did was to leave his bleeding puppy on the street. I wonder how a person can be so cruel.

6) They did horrendous things to the poor man when he refused to pay the ransom money.

7) When I told my daughter that I had made chicken broth for dinner, she gave me the most horrendous expression.


8) The book was about the horrendous punishments meted out to the citizens of the country who did not abide by the law.

9) My brother believes that the price of a modern painting is directly proportional to how horrendous it looks.

10) Sitting on the roller coaster ride was a horrendous experience. Not only did my head spin but I also threw up.

11) The street was in a mess after the accident. Four injured bodies lay bleeding in the car which made for a horrendous sight.

12) My son listens to horrendous electronic music that has no melody whatsoever.

13) The waste products that some factories dump into the ocean are horrendous. They have no concern for the environment.

14) Fighting with your husband in front of your daughter will have a horrendous impact on her psyche. Be careful of your behavior in front of her.

15) They took more than an hour to get to a place which was only a few yards away because the traffic was uncontrollable and horrendous.


Horrendously in a Sentence Examples

1) We went to see a horrendously made movie yesterday just because we had nothing better to do. It was such a waste of time.


2) The juice looked exotic but it tasted horrendously bad. We wish we’d ordered more carefully and saved some money.

3) She was charged horrendously at the new spa. She should have checked the rate card before getting a massage and some foot reflexology.

4) The prices of these swanky downtown apartments are horrendously high. They’re meant only for billionaires.

5) She was mad at her boyfriend because he gave her a horrendously stupid excuse for not coming to the party.

6) Considering how beautiful the decor of the restaurant was, the food was terrible and horrendously priced.

7) We made a terrible mistake by venturing out on a hot day when we knew that it was going to get horrendously hotter.

8) The documentary was boring and horrendously long but I couldn’t walk out because all my friends were enjoying it.

9) Designer stores are horrendously expensive. I wonder who buys clothes from such places.

10) Our teacher asked us to read a horrendously lengthy essay which ran into fifty pages. She gave us a difficult task for the weekend.

11) They were so horrendously occupied in their chores that they forgot the kettle on the stove until they heard the sound of it boiling over.

12) The editor rejected the article because it was horrendously written. There were spelling mistakes and grammatical errors everywhere.

13) The losses that his business incurred during the recession were horrendously high. It would take him at least another year to stabilize.

14) Filling out forms and completing these formalities are horrendously complicated affairs. They should be done away with.

15) The competition between the two business houses was horrendously tough. The animosity amongst them was palpable.

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