Use morose in a sentence:- Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Morose in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Morose, Morosely and Moroseness.

Morose Definition and Meaning with Examples

Morose (adjective) means gloomy or sullen. It refers to the state of being depressed, miserable or ill-tempered.

The word can be used to describe the sour mood of a person caused by unfavorable circumstances or actions.

Form a sentence with morose to suggest irritability or grumpiness. A person who is snappy, downcast or pessimistic can also be called morose.

A kid’s sourness after being refused a toffee, manager’s dejected mood after losing a contract and a girlfriend’s glumness after fighting with her boyfriend refer to moroseness.

Morose: Other Grammatical Forms

Morosely (adverb)

Moroseness (noun)

Morose in a Sentence Examples

1) You will get better grades next time if you try harder. Don’t be so morose about it.

2) It’s stupid to be morose on not winning the lottery. It was a gamble in the first place and you should’ve had no expectations whatsoever.

3) She was really morose after fighting with her best friend but she put up a facade when she went to her party.

4) Coloring the walls of your house a pale blue will make it look very morose and dull. You should color it red or yellow.

5) The film about the aftermath of war is very morose and dark. It’s not something you would want to watch with your family on a holiday.

6) When the teacher saw that the student was morose, she asked him the cause of his trouble.

7) He was always the most morose child among all his siblings. There was something or the other that constantly bothered him.

8) The feel and vibe of the abandoned cottage was quite morose. It would take a lot of money and renovation to convert it into a cheery restaurant.

9) None of us felt like doing anything in such morose weather. We decided to abandon our work and get some fresh air.

10) Her moods turned around from being merry to morose when she saw her arch enemy pass by.

Morosely in a Sentence Examples

1) My mother decided to take me to the amusement park because I had been sitting morosely in the corner of my room all day.

2) I feel bad for having spoken to my mom so morosely on the phone. I should not have subjected her to my anger.

3) She often got scared when she found her mother staring at the TV morosely, completely zoned out.

4) The teenager sat morosely at the dinner table not knowing how to stop his father from scolding him continuously.

5) Reading a touching story about the death of a cute puppy made me look at everything morosely for the rest of the day.

6) He spent hours in the cafe all alone, reading a book morosely. He was upset with his friends and he didn’t want to spend time with them.

7) He morosely narrated the incident of losing his wallet. He went on to say that he had lost a hundred bucks and his credit cards too.

8) Our boss told us morosely that our company lost the deal by a very close call.

9) We strutted around in the house morosely as we had been grounded by our parents for breaking our neighbor’s window.

10) The little child ate his food morosely when he came to know his dad was not going to take him out for ice cream as promised earlier.

Moroseness in a Sentence Examples

1) She looked at me with moroseness in her eyes. I could see that she had hit rock bottom and nothing could cheer her up.

2) I could relate to the moroseness of the protagonist in the story. Like him, even I had recently been through a breakup.

3) The moroseness that the little girl felt on being forbidden to go the park was palpable. I felt very sorry for her.

4) She tried hard to hide her moroseness from the fight she had the previous day, but she was unsuccessful. Her sulky expression gave her away.

5) I am sick of the moroseness that you radiate all the time. Can’t you smile and laugh for once?

6) The moroseness on her face was so painful and tugging at the heart that I wrote a few verses that randomly came to my mind.

7) She has surrounded herself with moroseness after her mother’s death. We will have to do something to give her hope again.

8) Don’t bring your moroseness to work. If you want to work here, you will have to learn to bond with other people.

9) It is the moroseness of the song which strikes a chord with the single people who have just been through massive heartbreak.

10) My father sent me a picture of my kitty after I left the house and captioned it stating that she had drowned herself in moroseness.

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