How to use Doleful in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Doleful in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Doleful, Dolefully and Dolefulness.

Doleful Definition and Meaning with Examples

Doleful (adjective) means sorrowful or unhappy. It can be used to describe something which is filled with grief or depression.

It can also refer to anything that evokes misfortune or misery.

Form a sentence with the word doleful to suggest sadness or dreariness.

A person who is full of distress, struck by gloominess or is drowned in melancholy can be called doleful.

Doleful: Other Grammatical Forms

Dolefully (adverb)

Dolefulness (noun)

Doleful in a Sentence Examples

1) None of his colleagues liked to hang out with him because he always carried a doleful attitude to work.

2) The kid’s mom succumbed to his doleful pleas to buy him a new Xbox.

3) The divorce had a very doleful impact on her life. She stopped answering her calls and cut herself off socially.

4) Although heartbreakingly doleful, his poems became quite popular because everyone could relate to them.

5) Although many people enjoyed the movie, I couldn’t bear to watch the doleful and pitiable condition of the little girl around whose life the story revolved.

6) I could feel my pet dog’s pain as he let out doleful shrieks after swallowing a set of keys.

7) The doleful state of the factory meant that it had to be decommissioned. It was yet another blow to the ailing company’s fortunes.

8) Although I hate to admit it, I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed while watching the doleful end of the movie.

9) The boss decided to take the entire team out for Friday night drinks after a doleful week in the office.

10) The divorce left him doleful and heartbroken. Apart from the fact that he couldn’t be with his own children, he was on the verge of financial ruin.

Dolefully in a Sentence Examples

1) The refugees were dolefully languishing in the temporary camp set up by the local authorities. War had ravaged their towns leaving them with no place to live.

2) The ambience at the funeral was dolefully silent.

3) Unable to make headway, the mountaineer dolefully accepted that he would not be able to make it to the summit.

4) She sat by the window dolefully hoping that he would come back and take her in his arms.

5) A surprise site visit by the boss revealed the doleful state of affairs. He immediately sacked the site manager and asked all the workers to abide by the company policies if they wanted to continue working.

6) The mother dolefully approached the stage to collect a posthumous medal awarded to her son who died while fighting for his country.

7) Her dolefully heart wrenching cries drowned in the ambient noise. No one even realized that she had been attacked.

8) The losing team dolefully made their way back into the dressing rooms after the final match.

9) He dolefully pleaded to his girlfriend to forgive him for his mistake but she did not relent.

10) I hate weekends because I have no one to spend them with. I usually spend my Friday night dolefully lamenting about how lonely I am.

Dolefulness in a Sentence Examples

1) I hate selfies. You’ll always see a look of dolefulness on my face if someone forcefully takes a selfie with me.

2) The dolefulness in the leader’s speech touched millions of hearts across the country as he asked everyone to donate towards rebuilding communities destroyed by the hurricane.

3) The whole family was reeling in dolefulness after the sudden passing of their beloved grandma.

4) Dolefulness gripped the local community after an entire family was tragically killed in a car accident.

5) I hate going to funerals because they leave me in a state of dolefulness for weeks to come. I just cannot accept death.

6) After his father’s death, everyone expected him to be an image of dolefulness. However, he was strangely unperturbed by the tragic events.

7) The dolefulness with which he looked into my eyes melted my heart instantly.

8) He gave me condolences on my father’s death. I knew that his feelings were genuine because his voice was full of dolefulness.

9) The dolefulness of the story touched everyone’s hearts. The excruciating pain felt by the wounded soldier was portrayed beautifully.

10) The dolefulness of the melody made the song an instant hit amongst diehard romantics.

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