How to Use Dubious in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Dubious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Dubious, Dubiously and Dubiousness.

Dubious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Dubious (adjective) means uncertain or undecided. It can be used to describe hesitance or doubtfulness.


Dubious can also be used to express suspicion or skepticism towards something or someone.


Add dubious to your vocabulary by using it to describe something which is morally questionable, unresolved or vague.


Dubious is usually used in everyday conversation for a person, thing, attitude, action or behavior which is ambiguous or unconvincing.


Dubious: Other Grammatical Forms

Dubiously (adverb)

Dubiousness (noun)


Dubious in a Sentence Examples

1) I suggest you avoid consuming these tablets because the doctor seemed somewhat dubious to me. I suggest that you get a second opinion from a better doctor.


2) The terms and conditions written in your appointment letter seem dubious. You should check with your employer once again and get some clarifications before signing the document.


3) Teenagers often make the wrong decisions by believing the dubious advice and opinions that their friends give.


4) It was his dubious attempt at cracking the code. I should have known that a fool like him should have never been asked for any help.


5) My mother doesn’t trust my best friend because she thinks he has a very dubious family background. That’s why she doesn’t like it when I hang out with him.


6) Parents start thinking that their children are doing something dubious when they get called to school by teachers.


7) His dubious way of talking irks me all the time. Why can’t he clearly speak about what is going on in his mind?


8) Her body language and the jitteriness in her voice revealed her dubious intentions.


9) The little girl was overjoyed about getting free coupons to the restaurant but her father instantly recognized as dubious.


10) Their reasons for not attending the party were dubious. We wish we could somehow unearth the truth as to why they didn’t come.


Dubiously in a Sentence Examples

1) It was surprising to see how everyone conveniently believed whatever the politician said in his dubiously given speech.


2) My teacher approached our project idea very dubiously. Before she could even say it, I was sure that she wouldn’t be convinced about it.


3) I wonder why he behaved so dubiously during the hearing in the court even though he had nothing to do with the crime.


4) The members of the council dubiously announced the new fee schedule because they were scared of rejection from the society.


5) He seems to have won the math tournament dubiously, because he is well-known to be terrible at math.


6) That was the most dubiously written business proposal that the manager ever came across because it wasn’t based on any facts and figures.


7) She promised her boyfriend dubiously that she wouldn’t go to the party. Eventually, she did.


8) If she trusts a dubiously made promise and then faces disappointment, it is clearly not her fault.


9) When I announced my grades to my parents they looked at me dubiously, as if they thought I was lying. But after the initial shock they were happy and really impressed with my performance.


10) When she asked her friend for some money, he looked at her dubiously. Keeping his fingers crossed, he eventually lent her the money.


Dubiousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The dubiousness of telemarketing schemes these days is shocking. Be careful before signing up such random deceiving schemes.


2) The industrialist’s ways are known to be full of dubiousness. Doing business with him can be a risky proposition.


3) The dubiousness of everyone’s answers convinced the teacher that something fishy was going on under her nose.


4) The dubiousness of the company’s claims was exposed by a journalist much after its products had already harmed several people.


5) The survey conducted by the institution was marked by dubiousness because it wasn’t dated properly.


6) The dubiousness of the manager’s excuse made the boss suspect that something was being kept from him.


7) With every illicit transaction that he carried out, the word of his dubiousness was spreading.


8) The dubiousness of your ideas isn’t really helping us to make a decision here. You better make up your mind about this matter.


9) Everyone must be wary of the dubiousness of spam received on phones and computers. Accessing this spam can destroy devices.


10) The dubiousness of his answer shocked the panelists. They could not believe that a bright candidate like him could be so unsure.

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