How to Use Erroneous in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Erroneous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Erroneous, Erroneously and Erroneousness.

Erroneous Meaning and Definition

Erroneous (adjective) means wrong or incorrect. It refers to anything which is faulty or mistaken.

The word can be used to describe a notion, thought, assumption, advice, action or suggestion which is fallacious or invalid.

Erroneous is another way of referring to something which is untrue or misleading.

A piece of advice with many pitfalls, report with incorrect data or an assignment with many mistakes can be called erroneous.


Erroneous: Other Grammatical Forms

Erroneously (adverb)

Erroneousness (noun)


Erroneous in a Sentence Examples

1) We don’t trust this website because it contains a lot of erroneous information.

2) Although technology makes life easier, it can be erroneous sometimes.

3) The auditors refused to sign the company’s accounts because they did not want to be responsible for certifying the management’s erroneous reporting.

4) The panel rejected the scientist’s findings because of his erroneous assumptions.

5) Nothing can change the past but it is never too late to move on from your erroneous ways. Promise yourself that you will embrace a healthy lifestyle from today itself.

6) Erroneous judgment led him to do things that he now regrets.

7) Everyone in class hated him because he kept correcting everyone for their erroneous grammar usage.

8) He was bound to fail because his fundamental approach towards the whole situation was erroneous.

9) Take advice only from those who have been successful in life. Erroneous guidance can be catastrophic.

10) There is a difference between erroneous judgment and a careless attitude. The latter can be much more harmful.

Erroneously in a Sentence Examples

1) The company was embarrassed after a controversial tweet was erroneously sent out on its Twitter page by an employee.

2) The driver erroneously pushed the red button causing the train to come to a jarring halt.

3) Everyone was annoyed at how casually he apologized for erroneously giving everyone the wrong directions to the venue.

4) I erroneously booked the flight tickets for one day earlier than the date I was supposed to reach there for my business meeting.

5) Don’t be disappointed if you fail because you did something erroneously. Learn from your failure and try until you succeed.

6) She had been erroneously credited for editing the TV series. The mistake was corrected later.

7) They had been erroneously ousted from the team. It was a big insult for which no apology would suffice(Check suffice in a sentence).

8) We lost a lot of money just because the survey for our marketing campaign had been erroneously conducted.

9) You are required to correct all the facts and figures in this essay because they have been erroneously projected.

10) All these docile folks have believed the astrologer’s erroneously made predictions.


Erroneousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The company had no choice but to fire her because she refused to correct the erroneousness of her submissions.

2) If he researched properly, his report wouldn’t have reeked of erroneousness.

3) The luxury car company had zero tolerance for erroneousness, which is why they began replacing a large part of their labor force with mechanized processes.

4) The erroneousness in evidence was the underlying reason why the judge gave him the benefit of doubt.

5) There is no room for erroneousness out in the battlefield. One simple mistake could mean the difference between life and death.

6) Sheer erroneousness in the core programming led the software to be a complete failure.

7) Erroneousness isn’t the end to becoming successful if you can learn from your mistakes and stop them from happening again.

8) Ultimately, it is the editor’s responsibility to ensure that the magazine is free of erroneousness.

9) The newly hired consultant showed the management how a simple tweak would eliminate all the erroneousness in their operational procedure.

10) You can’t blame the erroneousness in these reports because you were supposed to check them before they went out.

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