How to Use Erudite in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Erudite in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Erudite, Eruditely, Erudition and Eruditeness.

Erudite in a Definition and Meaning

Erudite (adjective) means knowledgeable, refined or well-read.

The word can be used to describe a scholar, teacher, professional or any other well-versed person. It specifically refers to people who have gained knowledge through extensive training, education and other forms of learning.

Create a sentence with the word erudite to refer to the sagacity shown by an expert.

Associate it with a person, comment, remark, conversation, discussion or statement that displays academic intelligence or wisdom gained out of deep experience.

Erudite: Other Grammatical Forms

Eruditely (adverb)

Erudition (noun)

Eruditeness (noun)

Erudite in a Sentence Examples

1) Being erudite will help you to make conversation with other people at the party and associate yourself with the elite.

2) He is an erudite person who can talk on any subject without much preparation and that too with utter finesse.

3) The media was waiting to interview him and take his erudite opinion on the matter. Even the audiences were eagerly waiting to listen to what he had to say.

4) The production house was in the lookout for an erudite chef with anchoring skills who could make the current format of the culinary show more interesting.

5) Being an erudite teacher is not enough. Having good oratory skills is equally important or you won’t get people’s attention.

6) How can you expect an erudite response from a celebrity as daft as her?

7) She was not erudite enough for my mother’s tastes. My mother expected me to date a girl who was straight out of an Ivy League school.

8) My father and I entered an erudite conversation about politics as we strolled down the street after dinner.

9) She wanted to go to the seminar so that she would get a chance to meet all the erudite doyens of her industry.

10) It is an erudite presentation series on the topic of deciduous forests which all botanists must attend.

Eruditely in a Sentence Examples

1) While the scholars eruditely discussed the complex topic of human trafficking, they failed to notice that most of the audience was falling asleep.

2) I did not expect a ruffian like him to reply so eruditely to the police. He showed a deep understanding of gang politics and the psychology behind petty crimes.

3) Although the explanation was given eruditely, it still didn’t convince the cynics.

4) This eruditely written bestseller should be read by everyone, not just management students and professionals.

5) They wanted to hire a dynamic personality as the head of the PR team who could also speak eruditely to the media.

6) Even though he wasn’t in governance, he wrote eruditely about the issues that the government needed to tackle on priority and outlined the modus operandi for the same.

7) Both teams competing in the debate contest battled eruditely. Now it was time for the results to be announced.

8) He was extremely angry at the flippant comment made about his work but he chose to retort eruditely instead.

9) The book eruditely outlines the argument and supplements it with hard data to convince people to work towards the cause.

10) The professor eruditely hinted at solutions that could be used to solve the seemingly gigantic problem.

Erudition in a Sentence Examples

1) His erudition in unparalleled. I have never come across a more knowledgeable professor in any university.

2) You can put your erudition on display by using a lot of technical jargon which is likely to impress many people.

3) His erudition was apparent in the way he dished out answers to all the complex questions he was asked.

4) He didn’t just teach us a subject, he taught us how to attain erudition through books, newspapers, internet, social interactions and many other interesting mediums.

5) Her erudition impressed me, especially when I came to know that she was homeschooled and came from a family of poor means.

Eruditeness in a Sentence Examples

1) His eruditeness is reflected in the refined language which he uses to write his essays.

2) He has inherited his father’s wealth, sinewy physique and penchant for whisky. Unfortunately, he hasn’t inherited the most important thing – his eruditeness.

3) This professional gathering is the perfect place for you to display you eruditeness about the packaging industry and get noticed.

4) The filmmaker’s eruditeness was reflected in the intricately written screenplay and the unprecedented way in which the film was edited.

5) The proof of his eruditeness lies in the pile of degrees and accolades that he has graduated with.

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