How to Use Ethos in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Ethos in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ethos.

Ethos Meaning and Definition

Ethos (noun) means atmosphere or climate. It can refer to the character or disposition of a person or place.

It can also refer to the spirit, moods or feelings felt in a specific circumstance.

The guiding principle, founding values, ethics, morality or the essence of something can be described by the word ethos.

If the boss of a company is very dominating and enforces strict rules in the workplace, then the ethos of such an office is likely to be very conservative and claustrophobic.

Ethos: Other Grammatical Forms


Ethos in a Sentence Examples

1) The ethos of our academic institution will suffer if you start curbing down on the freedom of speech.

2) The ethos of the eighties has been brilliantly and authentically depicted in the film.

3) Going by the free-spirited ethos of their household, you will have a great time. They are a jovial bunch of people.

4) The secular ethos of the country has attracted many migrants from all over the world.

5) The ethos of harmony that has been created by this indigenous community must be respected by tourists.

6) I took my son out of that school because it started showing signs of having a conservative ethos.

7) The book outlines the cultural ethos of those times, how people lived and what they did in order to survive.

8) The ethos of the film reminded me of what I’d read in history books.

9) The ethos of the company needs to change. Focus needs to shift slightly from large teams to smaller and more effective groups.

10) If you put your kid in a school where there is an ethos of discipline, there are lesser chances of him going awry.

11) There will be no progress until you cultivate an ethos of transparency and honesty in the company.

12) We were given permission to adapt the play but we were told to maintain its historical ethos.

13) The political ethos of this nation is quite volatile. Every day seems to bring in something more controversial and radical.

14) The ethos of the future will be defined by calamities like climate change and its impending consequences on human life.

15) The movie has become a textbook of sorts because it represents the ethos of the Middle Ages.

16) To redefine the ethos of our organization, we will have to start introducing changes from the bottom of the pyramid.

17) The recommendations made by the consultant were rejected because they were radical and undermined the ethos of the company.

18) The ethos of education systems is fast-changing these days and teachers have to do everything to keep up with it.

19) The panel discussion was about the changing ethos of news coverage throughout the world.

20) The historical ethos of the exhibition is what makes it so interesting. Otherwise, the line up of events for the festival is rather nondescript.

21) The rebellious ethos of his works has become an example for future generations of poets.

22) Trust, loyalty and commitment are the kind of values on which the ethos of the community has been built.

23) The politics of every country always presents an eclectic mix because the ethos of every party tends to be different.

24) The ethos of this fight against the authorities is to restore the fundamental rights as pronounced by the constitution.

25) Teamwork and interdependence is an integral part of our ethos and we won’t let any petty quarrels affect this.

26) Every employee was trained to adhere to the ethos of the company. Any form of non-alignment was seriously castigated.

27) A free-spirited ethos exists in their family. No one is accountable for anything and no one takes any responsibility either.

28) She wanted to helm the advertising agency and create an ethos of free speech, disruptive innovation and openness.

29) The liberal ethos created by the team leader in the office helped everyone to function more smoothly, productively and happily.

30) The ethos of my family and the house in which I am currently living is not congenial enough to concentrate on studies.

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