How to use Hackneyed in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Hackneyed in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Hackneyed.

Hackneyed Definition and Meaning with Examples

Hackneyed (adjective) means ordinary or predictable. It can refer to anything which is unoriginal and full of cliches.

The word hackneyed can be used to describe anything which is so overused and commonplace that it is extremely boring and uninspiring as a result.

Add the word hackneyed to your vocabulary to describe an expression, action, behavior pattern or communication which is worn out or banal.

A speech full of stock phrases, grandma’s run-of-the-mill advice, well-worn fashion, trite statements, stereotyped jokes and unimaginative ideas are examples of things that are hackneyed.

Hackneyed: Other Grammatical Forms


Hackneyed in a Sentence Examples

1) Avoid using hackneyed romantic lines if you want to propose to your girlfriend in an innovative way.

2) Her essay was marked negatively because she used a lot of hackneyed idioms. The teacher was looking for some novelty and a fresh perspective.

3) No one understood how a reputed advertising agency could come up with such a hackneyed idea. Everyone expected more out of them.

4) The writer had reached his saturation point. His story concept was so hackneyed that it was rejected by several publishers.

5) I don’t like visiting my grandmother’s place because she keeps narrating boring stories of her childhood with hackneyed morals.

6) The way they presented the project was extremely hackneyed. They should have added a different dimension to it.

7) As hackneyed as the axiom sounds, the truth will not change. Your bad Karma will come back to bite you.

8) Even though the show’s concept was pretty hackneyed, it ran successfully because the anchor conducted it very well.

9) The newspaper was full of hackneyed opinions of the country’s rich and famous. Nothing was worth reading.

10) The storyline of the movie is hackneyed but what made it a blockbuster were stellar performances and the technical genius that had gone behind the animation.

11) The story had a hackneyed climax and the ending was a total cop out.

12) No pain, no gain is a hackneyed idiom but people haven’t stopped using it even now.

13) Most self-help books give hackneyed advice but the reason for their popularity is the style of their content presentation.

14) My boyfriend hates hackneyed romantic comedies but I love them. I bully him into watching my favorite soppy love stories all the time.

15) His idea of escaping the house was hackneyed but we went with it because we didn’t have any other choice.

16) He will light up the party with his witty one-liners and jokes, no matter how hackneyed and lame they are.

17) There’s not much fresh material that you can play around. The topic that you have chosen itself is very hackneyed.

18) After exchanging hackneyed pleasantries, we sat down for dinner and the rest of our conversation was equally boring.

19) Don’t beat yourself up and label your concept as hackneyed. Instead, think about how you can twist the idea to create something imaginative.

20) My father loves watching political debates and commentaries on TV but I just thing they’re all too hackneyed.

21) I don’t know how women like reading magazines that keep churning out content in the same old hackneyed style.

22) It was unfortunate to see how esteemed guests on a primetime TV show shamelessly gave hackneyed answers to challenging questions.

23) The writer does a brilliant job of picking hackneyed situations from daily life and putting a humorous spin on them.

24) Increasing vocabulary through reading will help you to avoid the usage of hackneyed phrases and words in your language.

25) My brother and I came up with the most hackneyed plan to secretly bring home a pet without the knowledge of our parents.

26) The apology was hackneyed and predictable. He should have put more heart and thought into his words before uttering them.

27) Our teacher always told us never to resist the urge of asking her questions just because we thought they were hackneyed. She assured us that she would treat every question with respect.

28) The theme of Disney princesses for your party is hackneyed, but it doesn’t matter as long as the kids enjoy.

29) I was totally down and out after my breakup. A friend said that reading inspirational quotes would be a help, no matter how hackneyed.

30) After listening to a hackneyed speech full of tired expressions given by our boss, we felt totally uninspired and exhausted.

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