Pedestrian in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Pedestrian in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Pedestrian.

Pedestrian Definition and Meaning with Examples

Pedestrian (adjective) means ordinary or monotonous. It refers to anything that has no distinguishing characteristics of its own.

It can be used to describe something which is prosaic and humdrum.

As a noun, it also refers to a personal traveling on foot and anything related to it. For example, a pedestrian road, crossing, mall, zone or area.

People who do 9 to 5 jobs may be living a pedestrian life. Such a job could become even worse if they had to become pedestrians in the morning to catch the first bus to work.

Pedestrian: Other Grammatical Forms

Pedestrian (noun)

Pedestrian in a Sentence Examples

1) Their work was very pedestrian and bereft of any disruptive ideas that could impress the group of investors.

2) Don’t sell pedestrian works under the guise of modern art. Seasoned collectors and art mavens will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

3) It’s a mistake to judge them by their pedestrian clothes. They are actually quite an intellectual bunch.

4) It was a total surprise to see how a pedestrian looking vase sold for a million dollars at an auction just because it belonged to a famous artist.

5) Even if the house looks pedestrian, it will be exorbitantly expensive because it is located in a posh neighborhood.

6) No matter how pedestrian the strategy sounds, you will have to use it to make your product tick amongst the masses.

7) The appearance of the box is quite pedestrian but it has a lot of historical value.

8) Some of the poet’s best works emerged from the most pedestrian and downtrodden part of his life.

9) A nondescript home, nonchalant spouse and a pedestrian life in general – there is nothing about him that is worth knowing.

10) A pedestrian song was added to the musical just to lengthen its duration by an hour.

11) What made the show a complete debacle was the collection of pedestrian paintings put together for an elite audience.

12) Just because he is a famous writer now, he gets away with doing anything pedestrian.

13) The event was touted to be the best but it turned out to be quite dull and pedestrian.

14) Something as pedestrian as drinking tea has been converted into a ritual of sorts by its purveyors.

15) The subject of the movie is pedestrian but it has been filmed in the most beautiful way.

Pedestrian in a Sentence Examples

1) They cops made sure that the group of kids did not venture out of the pedestrian zone until their parents arrived to pick them up.

2) So many pedestrians are hurt by drunk drivers, especially when it is late at night.

3) The movie opens with the scene of the two star-crossed lovers meeting for the first time at a pedestrian crossing.

4) By not adhering to traffic rules, you are only putting more and more pedestrians at stake.

5) The accident was caused by a careless pedestrian who crossed the road without waiting for the sign to blink.

6) After a string of accidents, the council did everything to ensure the safety of pedestrians on the road.

7) As a regular pedestrian, I know the problems that people face in places that don’t have dedicated sidewalks.

8) A car hit the pedestrian because he was crossing the road with headphones in his ears and couldn’t hear all the honking around him.

9) Not a single road has been kept open for pedestrians. It’s mandatory for everyone to use footbridges.

10) In so many countries, there are no laws that penalize pedestrians from crossing rail tracks.

11) There was a stampede in the pedestrian mall on the day the flash sale was announced.

12) The city was full of skyscrapers but it was not equipped for handing a lot of pedestrian traffic.

13) If you feel so tired of the heat even though you have a car, just image what pedestrians must be going through.

14) This is zone reserved for pedestrians. You car will be towed if you park it here.

15) Pedestrians are advised to carry umbrellas for protection against the blistering heat.

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