How to use Momentous in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Momentous in a sentence:- Sentence examples Momentous, Momentously and Momentousness.

Momentous (adjective) means something which is important or significant. It is usually associated with a vital event, situation or moment of a decisive consequence. It can be used to describe the greatness of accomplishments, achievements and actions whose impact may ripple into the future.

Incorporate momentous in your vocabulary by using it to express an unforgettable moment, fateful occasion, crucial decision, key change, grave repercussions or earth-shattering impact. The word momentous is often used to convey something positive rather than negative.

Momentous: Other Grammatical Forms

Momentously (adverb)

Momentousness (noun)

Momentous in a Sentence Examples

1) The passing of the bill marked a momentous occasion for the nation. It was an unprecedented event which the media covered with much frenzy.

2) The top management should not be bringing about such momentous changes to company policies without getting feedback of its employees.

3) The accounting department was illicitly making momentous adjustments to save tax. This was likely to cause problems in the future.

4) It was a momentous thing for her to get pregnant. Especially, because she was told that she may never be able to conceive again.

5) Experts say that momentous disturbances in weather patterns are signs of climate change.

6) The most momentous year of my life was when my daughter was born after many infertility procedures.

7) Being sent abroad for business was the most momentous point in his career. What he had only dreamt of once, he had now achieved.

8) The story took a momentous turn after the entry of the villain. Until then, it was mundane and boring.

9) Everyone woke up in the morning, had their breakfast and got ready to go to school. Little did any of us know that it would turn out to be a momentous day.

10) Switching from a well-paying engineering job to a low-paying advertising job was a momentous step on my part.

Momentously in a Sentence Examples

1) The fact that it was my manager’s idea to alter the campaign for its success was momentously ignored in our boss’s thank you speech at the awards night.

2) The numbers had been momentously inflated to meet the expectations of the stakeholders.

3) It was a momentously devastating failure for a businessman of his stature and repute. He was ready to go to any lengths to make corrections.

4) The decision of the teachers was going to momentously impact the way children received education in schools and colleges.

5) The way in which the government dealt with the natural disaster was momentously impressive.

6) The six month long journey across the length and breadth of the river Nile was one of the most momentously made journeys ever.

7) If a sportsperson has a momentously amazing year, there is no guarantee that the next year will reap similar success.

8) The way in which the business magnate and his son approached business was momentously and shockingly different from each other.

9) When man landed on the moon, it was a momentously defining moment for the field of Science.

10) Today will always be momentously memorable for all of humankind. I was glad to have witnessed it.

Momentousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The momentousness of his work in the field of Mathematics cannot be forgotten.

2) The audience reveled in the momentousness of the victory earned by their favorite football player.

3) Despite the momentousness of the announcement, she did not think it was necessary to consult her parents before making it.

4) The momentousness of the charity event fizzled out because the guest of honor who was exposed in a shocking scandal the previous day.

5) My ninety year old grandmother’s call added to the momentousness of my win. In fact, the joy given by my awards and certificates were no match to the happiness I felt on hearing her voice.

6) How can she ever forget the momentousness of the moment when she was praised by her teacher in front of the whole school?

7) I did not want to mar the momentousness of the day by starting a petty fight about something that was more of an ego battle than a real problem.

8) If the tiger eventually becomes extinct, our future generations will never be able to understand the momentousness of being able to sight one in the wilderness.

9) The momentousness of the victory has been captured very well by the photographer. The pictures look especially beautiful because they are black and white.

10) The achievements of his son added momentousness to his otherwise commonplace and ordinary life.

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