How to use Petulant in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Petulant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Petulant, Petulantly and Petulance.

Petulant (adjective) refers to being irritable or cranky without a reason. It can also be used to express sullen behavior or a bad mood caused by something trivial. Petulance is generally associated with a grouchy person, ill-tempered child or snappish attitude.

Add petulant to your vocabulary by using it to describe unreasonable annoyance or impulsive irritation which causes petty tantrums and attitude problems. It can also be used to suggest anger that arises out of impatience when a person does not get something that he or she wants.

Petulant: Other Grammatical Forms

Petulantly (adverb)

Petulance (noun)

Petulant in a Sentence Examples

1) Listening to her petulant grievances puts me in a bad mood instantly, especially because she begins her laments after I come back from work.

2) The student was becoming increasingly petulant because all his trivial complaints were being entertained by the teachers.

3) Looks like her hormonal fluctuations has made her petulant this morning once again. Don’t approach her unless you really need to.

4) He is always gifting his girlfriend something or the other because she is not only high-maintenance, but also petulant.

5) The senility of the old dog was making him petulant with every passing day. He kept howling and barking incessantly for no reason.

6) He garnered a bad reputation as an actor because of his petulant backstage antics.

7) She was a petulant girl in her teenage years – getting annoyed over the silliest things or being grumpy when she didn’t get something she wanted.

8) Your petulant tone was inappropriate during the feedback session. You were invited to give your evaluations, not to whine.

9) Wealthy patrons of this hotel are often petulant and expect all their whims and fancies to be fulfilled by the staff.

10) The instrument chosen for the composition was so screechy that it made the melody sound petulant.

Petulantly in a Sentence Examples

1) She looked at him petulantly because he made a rude and sarcastic remark that he shouldn’t have made at that time.

2) He kept calling his girlfriend petulantly even after they broke up mutually. This made things between them even worse.

3) The little boy cried petulantly when his mom refused to buy the expensive toy for him. That was because he was used to getting what he wanted all the time.

4) Not feeding the child at regular intervals was probably the reason why he was behaving so petulantly.

5) After much insistence, my brother petulantly decided that he would skip his best friend’s party to stay back for the family reunion.

6) Patients are likely to behave petulantly after having spent more than a month in the hospital. The dreary hospital ambience and homesickness may make them behave like this.

7) If you fire your employees petulantly without having a substantial reason for doing so, it will have a negative impact on your business.

8) She was hated by her friends because she reacted petulantly every time her ideas or suggestions weren’t accepted by others.

9) Moving around the house petulantly, she broke a beautiful vase of flowers that came in her way. This was her style of telling everyone to not mess with her.

10) The fact that she has so many issues with a government which is doing so well means that she is talking petulantly.

Petulance in a Sentence Examples

1) Be wary of his petulance. He is as unpredictable as weather and the most trivial of things can annoy him.

2) His petulance made him an insufferable person. He was nicknamed the drama queen of the office.

3) Fighting with his wife continuously for more than a week was the reason for his petulance and weariness.

4) She lost many of her close friends because of her petulance. No one knew why she had suddenly become so cranky.

5) We got fed up of his childish petulance and tantrums. He should learn to act his age.

6) It is obvious for a person to be full of petulance when he or she is on medication and constantly in and out of hospital.

7) Her son’s petulance makes him an impossible person to deal with. This could be one of the reasons she chose to send him to therapy.

8) Petulance is a common trait of celebrities and wealthy people who think that they can make other people dance to their tunes.

9) Only millionaires like him can afford to throw their expensive phones on the floor out of sheer petulance.

10) My counselor asked me to practice meditation so that my petulance didn’t add to my crumbling marriage.

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