How to use Cryptic in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Cryptic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Cryptic and Cryptically.

Cryptic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Cryptic (adjective) means mysterious or obscure. It can be used to describe something which is unclear, confusing and difficult to understand.

Cryptic also refers to a type of crossword in which the clue itself is designed like a puzzle to increase complexity.

In biology, the word cryptic refers to the tendency of a creature to camouflage.

Add the word cryptic to your vocabulary to suggest something which is puzzling or vague. Associate it with ambiguous remarks which are meant to conceal something or notes which cannot be deciphered because they contain codes and riddles.

Cryptic: Other Grammatical Forms

Cryptically (adverb)

Cryptic in a Sentence Examples

1) Most of his conversations are so cryptic that I can’t follow them. I’d rather work with someone who can give me straightforward instructions.

2) Considering what an intelligent man he is, the password he set is not likely to be simple. It will be cryptic as hell.

3) He often makes sarcastic and cryptic remarks when it comes to his pet project. It’s as if he doesn’t want anyone to know what’s going on in his mind.

4) Don’t be cryptic in your communication with employees. Send out a crystal clear message which is easy to understand by all.

5) The cryptic writing style of the author helps the cause of the novel largely because it is a thriller which intends to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

6) My father loves solving cryptic crosswords. He can’t rest until he solves at least three in a day.

7) His cryptic remark left everyone befuddled. No one could make out if he was happy or sad.

8) I wrote a cryptic poem for the treasure hunt to make the search more difficult for the kids who were going to attend the birthday party.

9) The hints that the quizmaster gave me during the quiz were of no use because they were utterly cryptic.

10) He owes his enigmatic persona to his cryptic body language and hushed way of talking.

11) My editor asked me to raise the cryptic quotient of the puzzle and make it more difficult to solve.

12) The note written by the ancient ruler of Mesopotamia became famous only because it was indecipherably cryptic.

13) My editor thought that my cryptic introduction to an article addressing a socially relevant issue would not be palatable to readers with short attention spans.

14) Cryptic statements have no place in negotiations. You have to be precise and forthright.

15) Even if he said something simple, his mysterious manner made it seem like something deeply elusive and cryptic.

Cryptically in a Sentence Examples

1) The writer was trying to conjure up a character in her head who was a diminutive, witch-like lady who always spoke cryptically.

2) My father nudged my elbow under the table and cryptically looked in the direction of my mother’s ringing phone.

3) The riddle was worded so cryptically that none of us could even vaguely figure out the answer.

4) Most financial documents are written so cryptically that I always feel like double-checking with an expert.

5) The film begins with a note tucked cryptically in the mailbox at the entrance of the house. The rest of the movie is all about solving the mystery of why the note was left there.

6) He gave impressive answers to all the cryptically designed questions that were thrown at him.

7) The confusion in his mind reflected in his behavior because he acted cryptically all the time and raised everyone’s eyebrows.

8) He wanted to talk cryptically to avoid drawing everyone’s attention. But the more mysteriously he behaved, the more attention he drew.

9) The archeologists made the markings so cryptically that the curators were confused about how to organize the ancient remnants in the museum.

10) The cryptically coded software was impossible to be hacked without the assistance of an expert programmer.

11) The tour guide informed us that the image was deliberately painted cryptically so that the enemy could not decode important clues that gave directions to the kingdom’s treasure.

12) The cryptically colored neck of the bird was its chief distinguishing factor among other creatures in the forest.

13) After jotting down something cryptically on his prescription pad, the doctor ominously heaved a sigh. At that very instant, I knew something was wrong with me.

14) He carried the package in his hand cryptically. If he had carried it with confidence, the cops wouldn’t have even known.

15) A fairy came into my dreams and cryptically asked me to leave a note in the kitchen. I wonder what that meant.

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