How to use Enormous in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Enormous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Enormous, Enormously, Enormity and Enormousness.

Enormous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Enormous (adjective) means huge or massive. It can refer to anything which is colossal or gigantic in size.

The word enormous can also be used to describe anything which is expansive, broad, weighty or immense.

Use enormous to suggest largeness in quantity, amount, reach, degree or extent. Its meaning is not restricted to hugeness of size or physicality.

A big decision, mammoth building, huge lunch, giant package, towering impact, substantial increase or monumental change can be called enormous.

Enormous: Other Grammatical Forms

Enormously (adverb)

Enormity (noun)

Enormousness (noun)

Enormous in a Sentence Examples

1) The problem that our kids have created for us is so enormous that we will have to involve school authorities.

2) She took her son to the doctor because she spotted an enormous growth beneath his chin.

3) The opportunities in the field of IT are so enormous that most students are now aiming to take up jobs in that industry.

4) After my father’s death, the enormous responsibility of taking care of my family has come to me.

5) My aunt always brought me enormous gifts for Christmas, shadowing the small presents bought by my parents.

6) The company faced enormous losses because of the mistake of one employee, who was eventually fired.

7) Our society has given our schools the enormous task of educating the future generations of our country.

8) His appetite is enormous. He has the capacity to consume the amount of food that my family eats for a whole week.

9) Thousands of people gathered outside government building. The mob was enormous and the atmosphere was getting tenser.

10) The philanthropists sent enormous amounts of funds to ensure that the organization did not stop its charitable pursuits due to of paucity of resources.

Enormously in a Sentence Examples

1) My parents were enormously pleased by the special care and concern that my husband showed me all the time.

2) My boss was enormously impressed with my colleague’s presentation. He complimented him on his style of oratory and confidence.

3) The pants that my uncle bought me were enormously loose. I requested him to return them and get me something else.

4) My new job is enormously satisfying and I am very glad that I made this bold move.

5) They were enormously happy with the way their office was designed by their interior designer. It looked really nice.

6) The fluctuations in the stock market affect our business operations enormously. We make gains and losses of millions within minutes.

7) The location of this house is enormously advantageous to me as it is very close to my daughter’s school.

8) The enormously high unemployment rate in the country became the headline of every international newspaper.

9) Even though I was enormously full, I couldn’t resist taking once bite of the delicious pie that my mother made.

10) The client complained to the customer service team stating that he was enormously disappointed with the quality of their products.

Enormity in a Sentence Examples

1) We will not be able to deal with this problem because of its enormity. We will need to call in experts who can salvage the business.

2) The country is still reeling from the earthquake and the enormity of the damage it has caused.

3) It was not right on the journalist’s part to write a casual article which undermined the complexity and the enormity of the problem.

4) The enormity of the billboard and its location generally determine the rates that are charged for displaying the ad.

5) The enormity of the challenge was enough to scare him away. He didn’t even bother to know what the prize money was.

Enormousness in a Sentence Examples

1) We were scared by the enormousness of the beast more than its ugliness. We had never seen anything like it before.

2) The enormousness of the project required us to hire multiple teams and get them to work together.

3) The doctors were shocked to see the enormousness of the patient’s tumor.

4) The enormousness of the package was enough to tell me that my husband had sent me a really huge and expensive gift.

5) People don’t bother to think about their carbon footprint and the enormousness of its impact on our planet.

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