How to use Relevant in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Relevant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Relevant, Relevantly, Relevance and Relevancy.

Relevant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Relevant (adjective) means pertinent or appropriate. It can be used to describe something which is apt or closely connected to the subject in question.

The word relevant can also refer to something which is suitably applicable or fitting to the matter being discussed.

Use relevant to suggest significance, properness or importance of a matter. Anything which has an impact on the related matter at hand can be called relevant.

When something from the past has a bearing on the present, it can be called relevant. Having a skill set related to a job or talking about suitable subjects in a meeting can also be described as having relevance.

Relevant: Other Grammatical Forms

Relevantly (adverb)

Relevance (noun)

Relevant (noun)

Relevant in a Sentence Examples

1) Most of the discussions that we had in the boardroom were not relevant to the problem we were faced with.

2) Meditation and other relaxation techniques have become very relevant in our hectic and chaotic modern lives.

3) He was very qualified but his skills were not relevant to the job he was offered.

4) Tourists were left in a lurch because the tour guide did not have relevant information about all the sightseeing spots of the city.

5) A lot of kids don’t like studying history but they don’t understand how relevant it is to our present and future.

6) Kindly include relevant details in your email so that we know where to send the package and how much it will cost us.

7) Our teacher encouraged us to ask questions even though they didn’t seem relevant to the topic she was teaching.

8) My mother asked me to pursue activities that were relevant to my academics instead of wasting my time chatting with friends.

9) I wasted three hours in trying to find relevant people for the job.

10) The story I told my son about my manager’s honest dealings was relevant to his upbringing and the kind of person I wanted him to become.

Relevantly in a Sentence Examples

1) The manager recollected his previous experiences relevantly and asked him to learn from his mistakes.

2) The essay was relevantly written but it was not formatted properly because of which is it was graded down.

3) Although her remarks were not relevantly made, they were important enough to be considered.

4) She was furious about what had happened but she expressed herself very calmly and relevantly.

5) You will lose your audience’s attention if you don’t make your point lucidly and relevantly.

6) I enjoyed listening to her because she spoke relevantly about how kids need to lay off technology and experience the real world.

7) The minister relevantly made his point about issues that were negatively impacting the city.

8) Many issues were relevantly discussed but a solid action plan to implement solutions was not made.

9) The teacher communicated her point effectively and relevantly to students. She spoke in a way that made them sit up and take notice.

10) The ministry relevantly announced a few important changes in the policy after consulting experts on the matter.

Relevance in a Sentence Examples

1) The relevance and reach of your poems will increase if you write them in simple language that everyone can understand.

2) The relevance of the policy was argued by the panel. No one knew what good would come out of it.

3) Parents questioned the relevance of all the new rules that the school was introducing without any reason.

4) It’s amazing to see how some quotable quotes retain their relevance years after they are written.

5) The relevance and importance of this matter will reduce if you make a mockery out of it.

Relevancy in a Sentence Examples

1) You should ask your son to analyze the relevancy of this degree ten years down the line and then sign up for the course.

2) The world is moving so fast that the relevancy of information acquired today might become questionable tomorrow.

3) All the articles on politics in the newspapers have a great relevancy to exam that I am taking next month.

4) My professor did not know that the relevancy of his degree in ecological preservation would increase so dramatically.

5) I wanted my daughter to accompany me to the seminar on time management because I knew that it would have relevancy in her life too.

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