How to use Cynical in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Cynical in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Cynical, Cynically, Cynicism and Cynic.

Cynical (adjective) means negative, distrustful or contemptuous. Its first meaning refers to an attitude of constantly doubting the ethics or morals of other people. Its second meaning refers to being doubtful of something happening successfully or something being worth its while. Its third meaning refers to having a sneering or sarcastically mocking attitude. Its fourth meaning refers to a selfish person who disrespects societal norms and standards.

Add the word cynical to your vocabulary to express a variety of behaviors that relate to skepticism or derisiveness. Use it to describe people who look at everything with pessimism and doubt everything around them.

Cynical: Other Grammatical Forms

Cynically (adverb)

Cynicism (noun)

Cynic (noun)

Cynical in a Sentence Examples

1) My father’s cynical judgment of my new boyfriend was baseless and full of assumption, especially because he hardly knew him.

2) Their cynical reaction to the piece of news about the robbery was expected. They thought that all big cities were full of bad people.

3) Some people are cynical enough to think that all the discounted products in a store are either slightly damaged or out of vogue.

4) My mother’s cynical smile was enough to tell me that she was not going to support me in my new venture.

5) It’s very common for people to be cynical about giving out important bank information on the phone or on the internet.

6) Every time she saw a couple breaking up, she became more and more cynical about being in a relationship.

7) His wife’s cynical perspective towards everything in life annoyed him so much that he felt weighed down by his marriage.

8) My mother was very cynical about my husband just because they were wealthy and he was not. She thought that he married me for my wealth.

9) As an actress she is bound to be cynical about every friend invite that she receives on Facebook and rightly so.

10) Our boss is likely to have a cynical outlook to your suggestions because you are just a fresher in the company.

Cynically in a Sentence Examples

1) He approached the subject so cynically that I knew he wasn’t going to absorb anything from the books he was asked to read.

2) Just because they weren’t convinced by her ideas, they kept interrupting her presentation cynically. It felt like they were trying to sabotage all her attempts.

3) My father always looked at telemarketers and sales people cynically because he had enough bad experiences with them.

4) My parents reacted cynically when they first heard the news about my move to New York. They did confess later than my decision was correct.

5) She replied cynically when she was asked to speak about the CEO of the rival company who she was going head-to-head with.

6) If you keep quipping cynically every time, people are not going to bother to be friends with you. Do you want to be alone for the rest of your life?

7) The book cynically described the cost at which the government was marching ahead on the path of so-called progress.

8) If she cynically thinks that our boss is going to take credit for our project, I won’t be surprised because she infamous for being a negative person.

9) The investments made by people in the company were cynically exploited by the board members.

10) The critic reviewed the film cynically, stating that it would negatively impact teenagers and young adults who were unable to discern for themselves.

Cynicism in a Sentence Examples

1) His cynicism about a particular company stopped us from investing in it and saved us from a huge loss.

2) The report was drenched in cynicism about the new policy and the way in which the government was planning to implement them.

3) Cynicism has no place in a marriage. If you have doubts or confusion regarding anything, you should have a chat with your partner.

4) Her general cynicism is very deep-rooted because it is the result of all the bad experiences that she has had in her life.

5) If he wants to ensure that his ideas are implemented, he will have to wade through the deep waters of cynicism in his company.

Cynic in a Sentence Examples                      

1) Filmmakers who make movies about aliens coming and destroying our planet are cynics.

2) Being a cynic, he surprised everyone by taking some seriously risky decisions in business. No one expected him to do something like this.

3) Don’t expect him to donate to a charitable cause because he is a total cynic. He will not only criticize the organization but also accuse it of squandering money.

4) I love reading quotable quotes about cynics because they are hilarious and they give a deep insight into the kind of person that you shouldn’t be.

5) The content of the book was enough to convince me that the author was a cynic who had a brush with the law.

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