Terse in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Terse in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Terse, Tersely and Terseness.

Terse Definition and Meaning with Examples

Terse (adjective) means abrupt, short or brusque. It refers to a style of writing or conversing which is brief and to the point.

Terse can have a negative or positive connotation depending on how it is used in a sentence. If terse is used to describe a curt reply, it has a negative meaning. If it is used to refer to a crisp and impactful letter, it has a positive meaning.

Create a sentence with the word terse to suggest preciseness or bluntness in communication or body language.

Use the word terse in place of the words succinct or curt, as per the context.

Terse: Other Grammatical Forms

Tersely (adverb)

Terseness (noun)

Terse in a Sentence Examples

1) One of my father’s biggest qualities is that he can be terse when he needs to communicate something important and elaborate when he wants so speak at leisure.

2) The minister’s speech was terse and impactful. It was directed at issues that people of the county wanted to hear.

3) His terse response gave me an inkling that he was not in a good mood and that I should stay away from him.

4) The best way to avoid reporters from asking you more questions is to give them terse answers.

5) Saying no to someone in a terse manner without sounding rude is truly an art. Not everyone has the knack for it.

6) After a terse discussion amongst themselves, my parents announced that I was grounded.

7) She has been unable to make friends in college because her tone of conversing is very terse and it has been misunderstood.

8) She sounded terse on the phone.  Maybe she didn’t talk properly because someone was sitting next to her.

9) He stormed into the room and told me in a terse manner that I had been summoned in the CFO’s cabin.

10) Don’t be afraid to interact freely and elaborate on your answers. Terse replies in job interviews can make you seem incompetent or in some cases, arrogant.

Tersely in a Sentence Examples

1) Everyone in the company thought that she replied very tersely but that was the best thing she could do to send the message across.

2) Our manager has a habit of talking tersely when he is preoccupied and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

3) They looked at each other tersely and turned towards their respective elevator doors. The animosity between them was palpable.

4) Technical manuals are usually written tersely. They are not meant to be descriptive.

5) The teacher began summarizing the chapters tersely because she suddenly remembered that she had to leave early.

6) She wrote her resignation letter tersely because she did not want to elaborate on the issues that caused her to leave.

7) He doesn’t like social media too much. That is why most of his tweets and Facebook posts are tersely written.

8) I just can’t understand why she spoke so tersely at her best friend’s funeral. She should have taken the time to say a few nice words about their lifelong friendship.

9) He always interacted tersely with his colleagues because he had no interest in being a part of office gossip.

10) The presentation was made way too tersely. Even the important points weren’t given due attention.

Terseness in a Sentence Examples

1) There was terseness in his actions, as if he knew exactly what he wanted to and where he wanted to go.

2) The terseness of the essay and the directness of its tone made it an enjoyable read.

3) The terseness of the message in the scroll conveyed the urgency with which the king wanted to go to war with his enemies.

4) The terseness of his look sent a shiver down my spine.

5) The best thing about the recipe book is the terseness with which the author has written the instructions.

6) There was a terseness in the way he delivered his first speech as the CEO of the company. Everyone could feel a heightened sense of maturity in his voice.

7) I find the terseness in the conversations I have with my neighbor really strange. I wonder what kind of a person he is.

8) Her terseness was totally uncalled for. She should have had the courtesy (Check courtesy in a sentence) to explain her side of the story.

9) There was an unnerving terseness in the negotiations. Neither side was willing to compromise.

10) The marriage broke down because their everyday conversations were plagued with terseness. Their lives lacked romance, love and care for each other.

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