How to use Reticent in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Reticent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Reticent, Reticently and Reticence.

Reticent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Reticent (adjective) means reserved or inhibited. It can be used to describe a person or manner characterized by shyness or unwillingness.

The word reticent refers to reserved behavior, body language, response or emotion which is withdrawn or distant.

Use reticent to suggest the taciturnity or guardedness.

An uncommunicative person who doesn’t open up easily or exercises restraint on words while talking can be called reticent.

Reticent: Other Grammatical Forms

Reticently (adverb)

Reticence (noun)

Reticent in a Sentence Examples

1) He is a reticent man. He will not open up about his feelings until he is forced to do so.

2) If you remain reticent in your replies, I will have to push you against a wall to speak forcibly. It is better if you talk voluntarily.

3) I went on a date with a reticent guy but came out making good friends with him.

4) Asking him too many questions will make him reticent. Keep the conversation free-flowing to avoid rousing his suspicion.

5) There is something wrong with him these days because he always seems reticent to participate in a conversation.

6) She was an outspoken and gregarious child. I wonder what made her so reticent as a teenager.

7) Although the whole purpose of the meeting was to open about problems of the company, most of my colleagues remained reticent.

8) His manner is reticent and he thinks before he speaks. But once he opens up, he become very friendly.

9) My daughter is very garrulous when she is at home, but she turns extremely reticent when she is around people she doesn’t know.

10) It is impossible to complete surveys when you have to deal with reticent people who just won’t open up.

Reticently in a Sentence Examples

1) He replied reticently to my questions. I knew I would have a tough time getting him out of his shell.

2) Students are bound to behave reticently when they are not appreciated enough by their teachers and don’t have ample self-confidence.

3) It is natural to react reticently to all these rampant changes that are being made in the policies by the new government.

4) Now that you are a celebrity, you cannot afford to behave reticently with the media. You will have to be open and accessible all the time.

5) No matter how reticently she responds, it is your job to get the required information out of her.

6) She communicated reticently, as if she was watching every word that came out of her mouth.

7) She spoke in a meek tone rather reticently. She was barely audible to the audiences.

8) I advise you to behave reticently with her even though she is your friend. You never know which part of your conversation she will manipulate.

9) If your present yourself reticently, they may refrain from asking you personal questions.

10) Conversing with your psychiatrist reticently is not going to help your case. You will have to be transparent with her.

Reticence in a Sentence Examples

1) Many people find his reticence very sagacious, but I think that holding back opinions is just not the way to go.

2) I sensed her reticence and took a cue. It was best to not ask her more questions at that time.

3) The moment they sense reticence in your body language, you will give away that you are lying.

4) His general reticence makes it impossible to have a conversation with him.

5) It is your duty to shed your reticence and participate willingly in all the community projects with full gusto.

6) We arduously went to each town to collect data about the problems that people were facing, but we were met with reticence and suspicion.

7) The reticence with which he responded on the phone for my interview request was downright offensive. He should have been more polite.

8) The minute you broach the subject about the protests that rocked the country last month, the minister will be full of reticence.

9) If he was going to show reticence in answering uncomfortable questions, he shouldn’t have agreed to give the interview at all.

10) The more you feed your reticence, the more you are going to become an introvert.

More examples of reticent sentence

  • I happen to be extremely reticent when it comes to discussing my private life with people that I barely know.
  • I prefer to remain reticent than to find myself being labeled as a loudmouth, particularly when there are political aspirations to be taken into question.
  • The child prefers to remain reticent when we were asking everyone as to who was responsible for breaking the clamp.
  • Jon was okay with all the people that were reticent around them; he felt at one with them.
  • When people ask you about your problems, it is important to not be reticent, and rather try and sort everything out.
  • The new member of the class was reticent when he was asked whether his parents were alive or not; it was later found out that they had divorced a long time back and both of them were dead.

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