How to use Pretentious in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Pretentious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Pretentious, Pretentiously and Pretentiousness.

Pretentious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Pretentious (adjective) means pompous or showy. It can refer to anything which is ostentatious or full of grandiose.

It can be used to describe a flashy person, flowery writing, bombastic attitude or anything else which is flamboyant.

The word is especially used to describe people who appear more self-important that what they actually are.

When a family with moderate income levels spends a lot of money on building a flashy house, it can be called pretentious.

Pretentious: Other Grammatical Forms

Pretentiously (adverb)

Pretentiousness (noun)

Pretentious in a Sentence Examples

1) They are a pretentious bunch of women who think that wearing expensive clothes is the only way of showing off social status.

2) As pretentious as it sounds, I prefer dining at golf clubs only.

3) She is pretentious but quite approachable. She is one of those few rich women whose looks are deceiving.

4) She used to be very pretentious until life taught her some serious lessons in humility.

5) Instead of being a pretentious politician, he took the time and effort to connect with people and their problems.

6) She appears pretentious but as you’ll get to know her, you’ll see that it’s just a facade she uses to distance herself from others.

7) Since she’s dating a rich guy, she makes it a point to appear pretentious around his highfalutin friends.

8) She thinks she has the right to be pretentious just because she has married a millionaire.

9) Don’t use fancy vocabulary and sound all pretentious.

10) A string of accolades has made him pretentious and inaccessible.

Pretentiously in a Sentence Examples

1) If you want to show that you’re the boss around here, you’ll have to behave a little more pretentiously.

2) Waiters have no right to behave pretentiously just because they’re serving in an elite restaurant.

3) She pretentiously complimented the expensive painting even though she knew nothing about art.

4) Don’t talk to your friends pretentiously just because you’ve graduated from one of the best schools in the country.

5) She has started throwing her weight around pretentiously since the day she’s come to power.

6) Art, wine, history and film have become some of the few topics about which people love to talk pretentiously.

7) The open letter written by the minister as a reply to people’s concerns was supercilious and downright pretentious.

8) The interiors have been designed very pretentiously. The upholstery and furnishings look very garish.

9) The film was written pretentiously. Its milieu, characters and storyline had no honesty of any sort.

10) The speaker used heavy terminology and explained the subject rather pretentiously.

Pretentiousness in a Sentence Examples

1) It’s because of his pretentiousness that he needs a reality check every now and then.

2) Pretentiousness is directly proportional to wealth. The richer you are, the more pretentious you’re likely to be.

3) The pretentiousness in his attitude has made him lose connect with his employees. He has become one of those bosses who sit in their corner offices without a care about the world.

4) Pretentiousness is a virtue for people who want to become socialites and celebrities.

5) Many people consider this to be a classical poem, but some people just hate it because of its pretentiousness.

6) My editor told me to cut out all the pretentiousness from my writing and communicate my message clearly.

7) My professor is very knowledgeable but the only thing I don’t like about him is his pretentiousness.

8) Using such complex editing techniques will only add to the pretentiousness of the film.

9) The ad agency thinks that it is the pretentiousness of the brand that makes it so aspirational.

10) The writer was under the false illusion that the pretentiousness in her work would add to its appeal.

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