How to use Garish in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning ans Examples

How to use Garish in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Garish, Garishly and Garishness.

Garish Definition and Meaning with Examples

Garish (adjective) means gaudy or flashy. It is generally used to describe an ornate ambience, showy clothes, vulgar taste, loud behavior or flamboyant personality.

Garish can also be used to suggest something that has too much color or shine.

Use garish to express gaucheness or tackiness in a person or thing. The word is most commonly associated with flashy costumes, jazzy interiors or kitschy designs.

In most cases, garish bears a negative connotation.

Garish: Other Grammatical Forms

Garishly (adverb)

Garishness (noun)

Garish in a Sentence Examples

1) Her garish aesthetics are misplaced in this elegant household.

2) His neon colored suit was too garish for my taste.

3) The collage turned out to be way too garish than what we expected. This was because we used too many photographs.

4) The party decorations were so garish that the venue looked like more like a circus.

5) Creating garish and psychedelic art pieces is his forte.

6) Wearing an orange shirt with white pants will look very garish.

7) Movies of that particular era were replete with garish costumes, tacky performances and loud background scores.

8) Redoing the house was a bad idea because it ended up looking even more garish than what it was.

9) I don’t like diamonds as much as other precious stones because they look garish.

10) The painting was very pleasing to the eye, but its frame was very garish.

Garishly in a Sentence Examples

1) She dressed too garishly for an occasion which was formal and sophisticated.

2) Her makeup was done so garishly, that the director had to send her back for a new look.

3) Behaving garishly is not the right way to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

4) The walls of her bedroom have been garishly smothered with fluorescent graffiti.

5) The big cocktail ring sat garishly on the socialite’s dainty hands.

6) I was disappointed because my boyfriend bought me a garishly designed dress for Valentine’s Day even though he knew that I like subtle shades.

7) Garishly lit houses with great amount of ostentation are in vogue these days.

8) The ceiling of my hotel room was so garishly painted that looking at it kept me from sleeping.

9) It must be costing a lot of money to stay one night in this garishly done up extravagant hotel.

10) The table was garishly laid out, replete with intricate silverware, vintage table lamps and frilly napkins.

Garishness: Sentence Examples

1) The garishness of the mansion with its baroque architecture was almost stifling.

2) For some reason, wealth seems to translate into garishness of taste.

3) The garishness of some people’s aesthetics is more about the display of their wealth and status rather than their tastes.

4) The interior designer was infamous for adding sumptuous garishness to all her projects.

5) I know that you are gifting him this iPad cover with a lot of love, but he won’t like it because of the garishness of its pattern.

6) The garishness of the party came to me as no surprise because the host was famous for his flamboyant choices.

7) The garishness of this house is dated. It looks like it is designed by a person who is in love with the yesteryears.

8)The nature of chartreuse is such that it can add garishness to anything.

9) Contemporary architecture is rarely marked by garishness.

10) The garishness of the chandelier may have made it worth its wasteful price for some folks.

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