How to use Opulent in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Opulent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Opulent, Opulence and Opulently.

Opulent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Opulent (adjective) means luxurious or rich.

The word can be used to describe anything which is extremely affluent, expensive, elaborate or posh.

Add opulent to your vocabulary by using it to express a stinking amount of wealth or abundance. Associate it to describe things like a plush lifestyle, ornate decoration, fancy home or lavish behavior.

Opulence, ostentation and ornate are words that belong to the same family and suggest flamboyance.

Opulent: Other Grammatical Forms

Opulence (noun)

Opulently (adverb)

Opulent in a Sentence Examples

1) The bride and groom must have tons of money to make their wedding so opulent and beautiful.

2) Don’t judge him by his shabby clothes. He owns an opulent mansion in a posh area of the city.

3) The party was too opulent and gaudy for my taste.

4) She better find herself a wealthy husband who is able to support and maintain her opulent lifestyle.

5) His opulent friends influenced his lifestyle so much that he started going against his poor parents for not giving him enough money.

6) Her humble past seems distant and fictitious as compared to her opulent present.

7) The most opulent part of the city has now been marred by shanties and makeshift homes of the poor.

8) The opulence of the decor was garish to the point of being stifling.

9) There is a fine line between a person who is ostentatious and a person who is opulent. You are swinging between the two.

10) The filmmaker is famous for making opulent movies that are melodramatic in nature and high on the budget.

Opulence in a Sentence Examples

1) The opulence of my friend’s home made me reflect on my own social status and poverty.

2) The first thing that struck me about his office was its opulence. That’s when I realized that I was sitting across a millionaire.

3) People who live in opulence have no understanding about the needs of the destitute.

4) You better get used to all this opulence if your boyfriend is a wealthy man’s son.

5) Even though he has money, he hasn’t scattered it away on wasteful opulence.

6) Luxury is not always about opulence, but also about fine aesthetics and tastes.

7) If the advertisement of the new apartments reeks of so much opulence, I can only imagine how fancy they really must be.

8) Palace, queens, kings, thrones, crowns, royalty – these are the words and ideas usually associated with stinking opulence.

9) Opulence and ostentation was an intrinsic part of the architectural character at that time.

10) The opulence of the facade of the building set expectations that the relatively simple interiors could not live up to.

Opulently in a Sentence Examples

1) The billionaire decorates his office opulently by hanging expensive works of art on the walls.

2) The house was designed opulently to suit the needs of the business tycoon who was about to reside there.

3) He was brought up so opulently that now he is finding it difficult to adjust in meager means.

4) The food was opulently laid on the table, perfect for a king’s feast.

5) If you are used to living opulently, you better earn yourself a salary which can help you maintain your affluent lifestyle in your later years.

6) The businessman lives opulently only so that he can give others the impression that he is rich and his business is doing well. In reality, he is heading towards bankruptcy.

7) The garden was so meticulously and opulently landscaped that it was awarded the title of the best garden in the city.

8) The politician’s opulently debauch lifestyle was exposed by the media and that led to his decline.

9) The bride was opulently dressed for all the pre-wedding festivities.

10) A five star hotel is likely to be more opulently laid out as compared to a three star hotel.

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