How to use Gruesome in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Gruesome in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Gruesome, Gruesomely and Gruesomeness.

Gruesome (adjective) means ghastly, horrid or disgusting. It can be used to describe a stomach-churning incident which is repelling in every way. Although gruesome can also be used in casual contexts to describe something mildly unpleasant or distasteful, it is more appropriately used to suggest something gory.

Add gruesome to your vocabulary to express a repulsive feeling. Use it to describe a morbid experience, bloodcurdling sight, awful behavior or nasty occurrence. Gruesome is commonly associated with violent aftermaths, ghost stories and horror movies.

Gruesome: Other grammatical examples

Gruesomely (adverb)

Gruesomeness (noun)

Gruesome: Sentence examples

1) It was gruesome to see the remnants of the poor little kitten after it had been squashed by a racing car on the road.

2) My mother doesn’t like me seeing all the gruesome stuff shown on horror TV shows. She prefers that I watch comedy.

3) The violent riots became a gruesome scar in the history of the nation that every citizen was ashamed of.

4) It was pretty gruesome to see how the surgeon cleaned the bleeding wound. I don’t think I have it in me to become a doctor.

5) These days, newspapers are full of gruesome incidents of violence, crime and political scams. There is nothing positive to read about.

6) The way in which the article described the details of the mishap was gruesome. They could have skipped the gory details.

7) The taxidermist’s lab was one of the most gruesome places that she ever visited in her life. It was the first time she saw life-sized bodies of stuffed animals.

8) The condition in which bodies were stacked on top of each other in the morgue made for a gruesome sight.

9) The gruesome tale of the witch who ate naughty kids never failed to frighten children and set them straight if they were misbehaving.

10) The way fungus grew over the slice of bread left at room temperature overnight looked gruesome to my daughter because she saw this for the first time.

Gruesomely: Sentence examples

1) The gruesomely nauseating combination of colors used in the painting became the reason why it didn’t sell easily.

2) She took Halloween a bit too seriously and decorated the house so gruesomely that no one felt like staying inside for one minute.

3) The man was gruesomely dragged on the road after being tied to a car by his kidnappers.

4) The entire football team was gruesomely killed in the plane crash while they were on their way to play one of the most important tournaments in history.

5) The war was gruesomely fought between the two communities of the village because one community had stolen bullocks from the other.

6) The movie was about how the thief gruesomely killed any person who tried to derail his plans.

7) The thought of gruesomely shooting an innocent animal for fun was disconcerting for the animal rights activist.

8) His day was so gruesomely tiring that he vouched never to do overtime again.

9) Fashion magazines never point how the environment is gruesomely affected when women demand more fur coats or dyed materials.

10) The victim was taken in custody and harassed gruesomely by intrusive questions regarding her personal life.

Gruesomeness: Sentence examples

1) The gruesomeness of the murder scene made me feel like puking all over the place. I hadn’t seen that much blood in my whole life.

2) The gruesomeness of insects hovering over the stagnant water of the pool smothered with algae was repulsive, although it could be a photographer’s delight.

3) Many women opted out of the local slaughter house tour because they felt that they would not be able to tolerate the gruesomeness of carcasses and blood.

4) The gruesomeness of the debacle made it evident that many destructive weapons must have been used in the warfare.

5) The girl was too young to enjoy the gruesomeness of zombie movies. She was still in the age group of kids who watch cartoons.

6) The beauty of this particular horror movie is that its gruesomeness does not lie in its visuals but in its potent dialogue.

7) Although the book became a bestseller, its gruesomeness was criticized for instigating the general public.

8) Kids are constantly exposed to gruesomeness because of all the violent video games they play.

9) The gruesomeness of the sight made him feel so dizzy that he collapsed on the floor instantly.

10) Some stories about the history of dungeons and how they dealt with prisoners are full of gruesomeness.

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