Frivolous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use frivolous in a sentence:- examples of frivolous Sentence, frivolously and frivolousness.

Frivolous definition and meaning withExamples

Frivolous (adjective) means shallow or trivial. It can be used to describe something which is flimsy and lacks seriousness. It can also refer to childish behavior, a juvenile attitude or an unworthy matter.

Use frivolous to suggest the uselessness or triviality of something. It is commonly associated with petty lawsuits, senseless way of dressing, shallow conversation or thoughtless actions.

Frivolous: Other grammatical forms

Frivolously (adverb)

Frivolousness (noun)

Frivolity (noun)

Frivolous in a Sentence examples

1) He complains of not getting enough time to study. But the reality is that he squanders time on frivolous things.

2) The council dismissed most of the complaints made by residents as frivolous and redundant.

3) Silly behavior is what you should expect from a frivolous woman like her.

4) She spoiled the essence of the meeting by bringing up frivolous matters that were not worthy of being discussed at all.

5) Although the magazine claimed to be intellectually inclined and academically influenced, most of its writing was fairly frivolous.

6) The discussion turned out to be quite frivolous because none of the panelists were well-educated about the topic.

7) Adding more meat in your essay by including facts, figures and quotes will make it appear less frivolous than what it is right now.

8) Stop stressing out too much. The worries of high school will seem frivolous to you when you reach forty.

9) It is one thing for teenagers to be frivolous and another to be promiscuous. There is a fine line of difference between the two.

10) He made a frivolous attempt to run and save the child because he was scared for him own safety. The child could have been saved if he tried wholeheartedly.

Frivolously in a Sentence examples

1) She was dressed too frivolously for the grand party that we were invited to. She should have worn something much more sophisticated.

2) It is hard to believe how loosely the article has been written. The writer shouldn’t have approached such a grave matter so frivolously.

3) Sometimes the best of friends fall apart because they fight frivolously.

4) Wealthy people are known to shop frivolously. After all, they need to spend all their money somewhere.

5) In recent times, there have been many instances of people or companies suing each other frivolously for no real reason at all.

6) The child is in the hospital today because his mother took his previous chest pain too frivolously.

7) You are out of money not because you don’t earn a good salary, but because you spend too frivolously.

8) Don’t give your opinions frivolously unless you are sure about what you are saying. What you say may change someone’s life.

9) She behaved too frivolously to be considered a good scientist. She should have put up a better appearance.

10) Commenting frivolously has its consequences. Once you utter naive words, you cannot take them back.

Frivolousness in a Sentence examples

1) His conversations are replete with frivolousness. That is the reason no one takes him seriously even when he says something which is genuinely important.

2) The frivolousness of the decorations at the party baffled me. I wondered why they spent so much money on a two year old’s birthday.

3) My colleague’s frivolousness in front of the clients had already caused us enough damage in terms of reputation. Now it was about to cause us damage in terms of money too.

4) I couldn’t stand his lame jokes and frivolousness any further. I wish he put his act together and behaved in a better way.

5) If it wasn’t for that girl’s frivolousness and immaturity, my brother would still be dating her.

6) You should keep aside one day in the month which is full of frivolousness and stupidity. It might be refreshing.

7) I think you should get your act together. Frivolousness may appear cute in children, but not in adults.

8) Can you please spare me the frivolousness in your description and get straight to the point?

9) The frivolousness in his speech diluted the importance of the matter that he attempted to convey. He should have been graver in his conduct.

10) If you remove superfluous words, your essay will become more succinct with lesser frivolousness.

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More examples of frivolous sentence

  • It was always due to the frivolous spending of my mother that my father could not save any money at the end of the day.
  • When you’re thinking about getting a frivolous apology, it is important that you remember it might not be sincere. So, take it in your stride.
  • It is mainly to students that do not study for the examinations that think about it being frivolous. However, they fail to remember that the tests are reflective of the intelligence.
  • Once the judge took notice of the lawsuit which was extremely frivolous, he ended up dismissing the case without any kind of afterthought.
  • When you find that the complaint towards you is frivolous, it is important that you shrug it off instead of trying to find out the explanation behind it. It may be the work of mysterious people behind your back.

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