Quandary in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Quandary in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Quandary.

Quandary Definition and Meaning with Examples

Quandary (noun) means dilemma or a predicament.

The word’s usage refers to a sticky situation which is difficult to resolve or get out of. Such situations can cause plight, confusion and bewilderment.

Use quandary to describe an awkward situation which brings about an impasse, bottleneck or perplexity. Associate it with a moral dilemma, legal complexity, ethical contradiction or any other type of conflict.

Being in hot water, feeling cornered or a mare’s nest are phrases which encapsulate the meaning of quandary.

Quandary: Other grammatical forms


Quandary in a Sentence Examples

1) You can’t leave her in a quandary and go away. Make sure you sort things out for her before you leave the city.

2) Stuck in a quandary, she marched up and down the room thinking what she could possibly do to get out of the sticky situation.

3) Should he avoid returning the lost wallet and use the money or let his daughter go hungry? He was stuck in a moral quandary.

4) Parents these days are stuck in a quandary as to whether they should allow their kids to use the internet without supervision or not.

5) The company was engulfed in a massive legal quandary. A team of lawyers had to be summoned to fix the problem.

6) I could understand the reason of their quandary because they wanted to take a decision which wouldn’t hurt anyone but drive home a strong message at the same time.

7) It was selfish of them to have created such an enormous problem for their mother and then leaving her in a quandary by giving up responsibility for the same.

8) Don’t put your mother in a quandary by asking her whether you can date a guy who she doesn’t approve of.

9) She found herself in a quandary when she had to decide between going out with her husband or going out with her mother who she hadn’t seen in a long time.

10) I always find myself in a quandary when I donate to charitable organizations – how would I know if my money is being utilized for the right cause or not?

11) The man was in a quandary about his divorce as he was choosing to be separated from his wife of fifteen years. Was that a sensible thing to do?

12) All the doctors were in a quandary because no diagnosis was being reached.

13) My uncle was pushed into a quandary when he was made to choose between his ex-wife and his kids from his current wife.

14) If you are in a quandary about breaking up with your girlfriend, talk to someone about it and clear your head a bit.

15) The quandary was getting murkier by the day. They needed to bring a resolution before things hit rock bottom.

16) Skimming through the badly executed assignment done by her favorite student, the teacher was left in a quandary because she didn’t want to give him low grades.

17) He fell in a quandary while shopping for his girlfriend as he didn’t know whether to buy her something inexpensive but heartfelt or something expensive but generic.

18) You have given rise to all the quandaries in your relationship. If you kept solving problems as they arose, you would have never reached this stage.

19) We requested our boss to give us a suggestion that would help us get out of the quandary that had arisen between our company and the clients.

20) Don’t present too many alternatives in front of the clients or else they well get thrown into an unnecessary state of quandary.

21) You can find a way out from your quandary by seeking help from your friends, colleagues and family members.

22) My quandary was whether I should save money for a secure future or spend whimsically to enjoy life every day.

23) It took us a hefty legal expenditure to get out of a delicate quandary concerning copyrights.

24) Although all of them were stuck in a terrible quandary, there were laughing at their own misery.

25) Her mother came and put all her daughter’s quandaries to rest. Nothing can match a mother’s love and assurance.

26) Everyone in the family is in a quandary about what to buy each other for Thanksgiving.

27) The couple was faced with an array of relationship quandaries about their respective exes after they got married.

28) For pure environmentalists, even driving to work every day gives rise to an ethical quandary because of the carbon footprint it generates.

29) The more they tried to get out of their quandary, the more they got sucked into it, as if it was quicksand.

30) The statesman found himself in a quandary when he had to answer tricky questions in a public interview.

More Examples of how to use quandary in a sentence:- –

  • Bill is in a quandary about whether he should keep the money that he had found in the park.
  • Upon being provided with the various legal options by the lawyer, we were in a quandary as to what option should we go for.
  • You will always be in a moral quandary as to what you should tell your family about the alleged affair.
  • When you are in a quandary, you would start doubting your abilities to make a sound decision, so it is suggested that you call a close friend to help you in that aspect.
  • A quandary should always be avoided when it comes to love interests, and having to choose between two or more lovers in your life.
  • One of the easiest decisions to take in order to further your life is not to drink and drive; it is not something of a quandary.
  • I have always been honest with the people in my life; when my friends tell me to do something that is obviously legal, I am always in a quandary.
  • The obvious decline in the housing market has led to a financial quandary for the real estate agents.
  • When you are searching for obvious places to go for a vacation, you would always be in a quandary with your partner.
  • The histories of my illnesses have brought about a medical quandary upon the doctor buy not coming up with a specific diagnosis to my condition.
  • My moral quandary is such that I have not been able to focus on my job; this has led to a lot of problems as well in my family life.
  • If you find yourself in a quandary about your future, try and follow something that is going to reflect your passion, or your hobby. This would be a wonderful way for you to think about your future endeavors without compromising on your financial security.

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