How to use Intuition in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Intuition in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Intuition, Intuitive and Intuitively.

Intuition Definition and Meaning with Examples

Intuition (noun) means hunch or inkling. It can be used to describe a sense that allows a person to know something which is not based on any logical reasoning or proof.

Intuition may also refer to clairvoyance, premonitions or foresight in some cases.

Add intuition to your daily vocabulary by using it in place of inner voice or gut feeling. It can be used to describe an instinct which informs an impending disaster or a stroke of luck.

In conversation, intuition is mainly associated with the action of doing something that feels right from inside.

Intuition: Other Grammatical Forms

Intuitive (adjective)

Intuitively (adverb)

Intuitional (adjective)

Intuitiveness (noun)

Intuition in a Sentence Examples

1) My intuition tells me that I shouldn’t invest in this stock as it may cause me loss later.

2) Thank God I followed my intuition and didn’t attend the party last night. The cops came there to arrest everyone.

3) Trust your intuition and do what your inner voice tells you. This way, you will never go wrong in life.

4) The success of our business is the result of our boss’ intuition and well thought out five year plans.

5) When medical science has no answers, doctors may have to use their intuition.

6) Relying on your intuition is the best way out when you have too much or too little information and you don’t know what to do.

7) Life experience is the only thing that will help you to polish and enhance your intuition.

8) Don’t subdue your intuition every time, or else there will come a point in your life when your inner voice will stop speaking to you altogether.

9) My brother’s life was saved just because he had an intuition to avoid getting on the train which happened to crash the next day.

10) I wonder how I called my mother just minutes before she died. Maybe it was an intuition.

Intuitive in a Sentence Examples

1) The best part about all Apple products is that they are extremely intuitive. Device manuals are not required to run them.

2) Every husband understands what his wife says. But it takes an intuitive husband to understand the things that his wife doesn’t say.

3) It is good to be intuitive but it is not good to blame the consequences of your actions on your intuition.

4) She will be intuitive enough to grant you a leave tomorrow if she sees your miserable condition today.

5) Being intuitive does not mean being weak. In fact, it means that you are strong enough to believe in yourself.

6) Women are known to be way more intuitive than men because of which, they are always right.

7) Don’t lie to your mother. She is intuitive enough to find out.

8) Intuitive people may be more creative as compared to people who rely purely on reason and analysis.

9) Intuitive people use their sixth sense to guide themselves through the most difficult phases of their lives.

10) Being intuitive is an innate quality. It is not something that a person can develop with practice.

Intuitively in a Sentence Examples

1) Smart workers don’t wait for instructions from their bosses. They work intuitively and take their own decisions.

2) Isn’t it surprising that even the most successful businessmen take decisions intuitively on many occasions?

3) The teacher intuitively knew that something was wrong with her favorite student. She had never seen him being so reticent.

4) Business must be done intuitively because it is not just about numbers but also about people,

5) Even before he heard the sound of lightening, he intuitively hid under a tree and in a matter of seconds, a bolt of lightning struck.

6) Computers can make all the possible complex calculations but they cannot respond intuitively like humans.

7) He betted on the white horse intuitively. Somehow, he had the feeling it would win.

8) There are two types of angel investors – the ones who invest only after analyzing the numbers of a company and others who invest intuitively.

9) Playing cards becomes fun when everyone plays intuitively rather than trying to count them.

10) I answered all the questions in my exam paper intuitively, as I hadn’t studied for it.

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