How to use Vapid in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Vapid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vapid, Vapidly, Vapidity and Vapidness.

Vapid: Definition and Meaning

Vapid (adjective) means lifeless or uninspiring.

The word can be used to describe blandness is the flavor of food and drink along with dullness in a person.

Any person or thing which does not have zestvigor, enthusiasm or a spark can be described as vapid.

Form a sentence with the word vapid to express the lack of liveliness, excitement or zing. Associate it with a daft colleague, tasteless appetizer, boring speech, empty smile, dull evening, colorless food, prosaic writing, uninteresting movie or bland conversation.

Vapid: Other Grammatical Forms

Vapidly (adverb)

Vapidity (noun)

Vapidness (noun)

Vapid in a Sentence Examples

1) She gave me a vapid look as I attempted to make small talk with her. I immediately knew that I should back off.

2) Their vapid grinning and nonchalant nodding of heads told me that they were not really listening to what I was saying. They just wanted to get this over with.

3) She has succumbed to a vapid lifestyle after the death of her husband. She feels guilty in experiencing joy.

4) If she continues to talk to him in that vapid tone of hers, he is likely to reach his limit and break up with her very soon.

5) Sunday afternoons are really boring because there is nothing to do except watch vapid TV shows or stupid action movies.

6) Sometimes, even the best of actors do the most vapid of movies and actually get away with it without tarnishing their careers.

7) Her vapid behavior at the party was enough let everyone along with the hosts know that she had been forced to attend.

8) Everybody finds it impossible to fathom how that hot girl at school possibly got involved with such a vapid nerd.

9) Since this juice has been kept in room temperature for so long, it has turned sour and vapid.

10) She can’t get along with her boyfriend’s sister because she is completely vapid, having no personality or interests of her own.

Vapidly in a Sentence Examples

1) I hate his vapidly written poems but I have no choice but to appreciate them because I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

2) She spoke to the students so vapidly that all of them went to sleep. No one could bear her any longer.

3) The vapidly penned dialogue was the culprit of the film’s failure. It marred the beauty of the amazing camera work.

4) They were all surprised to hear how vapidly her new husband told his wife that he loves her.

5) After getting off the train which was three hours late, they walked home vapidly without exchanging a single word with each other.

6) They heard each other out vapidly, as though they were doing a formality. They were not really interested in helping each other out.

7) He reviewed the film vapidly because it seems like he had been paid for it, he didn’t genuinely want to do it.

8) The vapidly composed melody made it evident that the prolific composer had now lost his edge.

9) The presentation was made so vapidly that a few members of the audience actually started walking out.

10) She is spending every single day of her life vapidly because she is stuck in a job that she doesn’t want to do.

Vapidity in a Sentence Examples

1) You have to listen to the vapidity of his humor to realize that jokes can be so bad too.

2) The vapidity of their relationship is reason enough for him to break up. He does not need to endure this pain any longer.

3) I ascribe the vapidity of this book to its cliched (Check cliche in a sentence) storyline and banal characters. Given the resources the writer had, she could have done much better.

4) The use of archaic language adds much vapidity to the book which could otherwise have been a bestseller.

5) The vapidity of their behavior resulted from having incessant fights and arguments over the past month.

Vapidness in a Sentence Examples

1) This traditional drum rhythm is adding more vapidness to the song. You might want to reconsider the choice of percussions used.

2) Kids got thoroughly bored with the vapidness of the party. The hosts should have planned better entertainment for them.

3) It was not the party but the heat and vapidness of the evening that fatigued everyone.

4) It was the vapidness of the reunions each year that made me realize we were a dysfunctional family.

5) He felt a kind of stinging vapidness in his heart because he was happy about leaving her on one hand but he was feeling bad on the other.

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