How to use Prudent in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Prudent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Prudent, Prudently and Prudence.

Prudent (adjective) means wise or sagacious. Depending on the context, it can be used to describe a person or an action which is frugal, far-sighted, practical or shrewd.

Add prudent to your vocabulary by using it as a synonym for wise. Associate it with sensible behavior, astute remark, judicious usage, cautious approach, well-planned decision or intelligent opinion.

Prudent: Other Grammatical Forms

Prudently (adverb)

Prudence (noun)

Prudential (adjective)

Prudency (noun)

Prudent in a Sentence Examples

1) His prudent decisions and their effective results stemmed from his mother’s advice. I wish you would listen to your mother too.

2) There are way too many career counseling courses online that pose as prudent advisors to help students make the right vocational choice.

3) They took a lot of time to decide what to do because they were trying to find a prudent solution which would benefit everyone who was involved.

4) You have made a prudent choice by deciding to work on your marriage rather than getting divorced.

5) The prudent policies implemented by the President have helped in controlling inflation in this country.

6) One of the most important moral responsibilities of parents is to teach their children to take prudent decisions by using their judgment.

7) They should have been a bit more prudent about their money matters. Taking a luxurious vacation is not the right thing to do when you are under big debts.

8) The most prudent thing to do right now is to shower your son with love. Getting angry at his mistakes will only make things worse.

9) Getting approvals on your project before commencing work would be a prudent thing to do in the world of business.

10) Our organization is in the lookout for a prudent supervisor who is a people’s person and has a flair for numbers too.

Prudently in a Sentence Examples

1) He prudently stopped eating junk food after he was diagnosed with high cholesterol.

2) When the candidate was given an option between a small raise and the opportunity to be personally mentored by the CEO, she prudently chose the latter.

3) Because of his lingering weakness, the doctor prudently advised him to avoid traveling even though he was medically fit do so.

4) Think prudently before investing. You’d rather make a safer investment now that you have reached your sixties.

5) It would be better if you acted prudently by saving money for your higher education rather than spending it on irrelevant things right now.

6) The clients desired a prudently and pragmatically designed house, not a flamboyant piece of artwork.

7) Our boss was impressed by the prudently designed budget prepared by one of my colleagues.  He approved it because all minor and major financial concerns had been addressed in the same.

8) Ruminate over the matter prudently. There is no need to take any hurried action which might have unfavorable consequences later.

9) She prudently asked her teacher about her weak areas and sought guidance to correct them so that she could do well next semester.

10) The opinion has been given prudently. Now it is up to you whether to accept it or not.

Prudence in a Sentence Examples

1) Our boss’s prudence has always helped us in making correct decisions that have a long-term positive impact on the company.

2) The prudence of such a young boy surprised me. How did he learn to exercise so much discretion at such a young age?

3) The addictive habits of most teenagers show that the adrenaline of youth smothers any trace of prudence that might be left in them.

4) Falling in love with that gold digger has made all his prudence go for a toss. I hope she doesn’t exploit him in any way.

5) The proof of his prudence was the silence that he maintained during the fight. He would have scarred his reputation if he spoke.

6) She displayed prudence by disassociating herself from the group of girls in school who were becoming infamous for various reasons.

7) A person who is aged and experienced is likely to have more prudence than someone who is young and immature.

8) Amongst all the qualities of the candidate, it was his prudence and fine judgment that I appreciated the most as an employer.

9) One of the aims of moral bedtime stories for children is to gradually instill a sense of discretion and prudence about life.

10) The limited office space inside the apartment was created with such prudence that we were able to fit in everything without feeling cramped.

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