How to use Agility in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Agility in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Agility, Agile and Agilely.

Agility Definition and Meaning with Examples

Agility (noun) means quickness or nimbleness. It refers to the ability of being light-footed and having graceful movements.

It can also be used to describe astuteness, deftness or intelligence in a person.

The attribute of being able to think quickly and respond in an alert manner can be called agile.

A squirrel that moves restlessly, politician who answers incisively or a system which functions flexibly are examples of agility.

Agility: Other Grammatical Forms

Agile (adjective)

Agilely (adverb)

Agility in a Sentence Examples

1) Cats are not usually known for their agility. They like to laze around.

2) He couldn’t keep up with his son’s agility on the field.

3) Athletics is about agility, not brute strength.

4) The venture capitalists were happy to pour in millions of dollars into the young entrepreneur’s company. His agility in making good business decisions was well known to industry insiders.

5) The motorcycle had too much power for its own good. Its excessive agility made it difficult to handle.

6) The club paid millions of dollars to retain the player because his agility was second to none. He was an inspiration to all his teammates.

7) What he lacked in strength, he made up in agility. That is how he was able to score so many points in the game.

8) Although obese, his agility on the dance floor surprised everyone.

9) On the sports field, defense is about blocking and restricting while offence is about agility and power.

10) The new workout system was based on agility and building strength.

Agile in a Sentence Examples

1) My grandfather may be old but he is more agile than people half his age.

2) The internet is a fast-changing industry. Entrepreneurs need to be agile while making strategic decisions.

3) Be agile while making your way through the underground train station during rush hour. You’ll miss your train if you get entangled in all the chaos.

4) Drinking healthy juice before my workout peps me up and makes me feel agile.

5) I was disappointed with the test drive. I had expected the car’s engine to be agile and powerful, not sluggish and slow.

6) Being successful is all about being agile and smart, not just working hard all the time.

7) All her friends found it hard to believe that an agile teenager like him grew up to become a morbidly obese young adult.

8) As the storm battered the airplane, the pilot’s agile maneuvering saved the lives of hundreds of passengers.

9) No one likes to go trekking with him because he is just too agile to keep up with.

10) The strategy is agile enough to include market fluctuations.

Agilely in a Sentence Examples

1) Cats may seem lazy but when threatened, agilely scurry off out of sight.

2) He displayed his intellectual prowess when he agilely solved equations that were way beyond the mental capacity of kids his age.

3) Swimming agilely, she made it to the other side of the pool in no time.

4) Everyone knew her as a geek and a bookworm. But she shocked all her classmates and teachers when she ran agilely and won the race.

5) The driver agilely swerved the car as soon as he saw the pileup ahead.

6) The new recruit completed all his tasks agilely. The bosses were impressed.

7) She agilely made some mental calculations in her head much before the grocer gave her the bill.

8) She saved herself from getting badly hurt because she agilely leapt away from the fence. Else, she would have been badly bruised.

9) Being able to climb a tree agilely requires an athletic build and good stamina.

10) My teenage daughter is quite lackadaisical. But whenever she’s given the money to go shopping, she moves quite agilely.

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