Repercussion: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Repercussion in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Repercussion.

Repercussion Definition and Meaning with Examples

Repercussion (noun) means impact, result or consequence.

Technically, the word refers to a rebounding effect of an action like that of a boomerang but is generally used to suggest a negative outcome in common parlance.

The word is generally used to suggest indirect and unfavorable backlash of actions.

Make a sentence with the word repercussion to suggest an undesirable effect created by an event or action. For example, one of the repercussions of being tardy at work is losing a promotion to a more punctual employee. Similarly, it is better for a father to think of a repercussion to give his naughty son rather than meting out an immediate punishment.

Repercussion: Other Grammatical Forms


Repercussion in a Sentence Examples

1) Global warming is the heaviest repercussion that the human race is going to face for its indiscriminate and voracious use of natural resources.

2) The first repercussion that I faced for telling a lie was being lied to by my own best friend who I trusted blindly.

3) Karma has its strange way. Sometimes, it lets burglars with the most heinous of crime records go scot-free.

4) I wonder which repercussion I should bring upon my incorrigible son to make him understand that his frivolous behavior cannot be accepted at school.

5) The repercussion of your mischief is going to be simple. You are not going to have a sleepover with your friends tonight.

6) If you don’t stop yammering without knowing the real facts, the magnitude of your repercussions will be large.

7) Even though my teacher told me umpteen times that my sartorial choices were not acceptable in college, I didn’t listen to her until I was faced with a repercussion.

8) The President’s singular focus was on the despicable condition of the poor and hot they faced repercussions of rapid urban development.

9) No country in the world today has an economy which is solid enough to be able to survive the financial repercussions of war.

10) He showed resilience and strength in facing the repercussions of his actions, not succumbing to depression of any kind.

11) My mother was a big believer of giving me repercussions to teach me life lessons. She had no patience for candid communication.

12) I knew that life would catch up with me at some point and I would have to face the repercussions of being breaking hearts in the past.

13) If you take such a high risk in the stock market, you have to be prepared to face a financial repercussion.

14) The repercussion of hiring a novice for a tough job like this is huge. Are you ready to take such a challenge?

15) The repercussion you will face for defaulting on your payments is not worth it. You’d rather borrow that amount from your friends.

16) Because it is a repercussion that I will face after a decade, I am going to worry about right now.

17) The repercussions of not putting a kibosh on your son’s excessive partying could spoil his academic future.

18) The political repercussions of this policy were not taken into account when it was formulated a decade back.

19) The most staggering repercussion of the financial crisis was that the country’s banking sector permanently earned a bad reputation.

20) The people of the country will have to bear the repercussion of high inflation because of the government having indiscriminately pumped more money into the economy without taking consumption into account.

21) Seeing my father sitting on his desk so pensively was enough to make me assume that a repercussion for me was on its way.

22) I have subtly tried to point out your flaws, but you aren’t going to understand the problem without a real repercussion.

23) Repercussions in the form of punishments and extra chores were his father’s way of showing some tough love.

24) The current government has made fundamental mistakes which might cost them in the elections next year. It will be a repercussion that the leadership will find difficult to explain to the lower rung of the party workforce.

25) Repeating this semester is your repercussion for wasting six months. You should have taken college more seriously.

26) He broke the law way too many times despite being warned repeatedly. As a repercussion, the authorities decided to revoke his driving license permanently.

27) The father grounded his son for a week. It was a massive repercussion for coming home late but he had to be taught a lesson.

28) Without repercussions, no one will understand the gravity of their mistakes.

29) Even after several repercussions, his pomposity showed no trace of bowing down. In fact, his haughtiness soared to newer heights.

30) Unless there is a heavy and definitive repercussion for not paying taxes, people will not pay them.

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