How to use Voracious in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Voracious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Voracious, Voraciously, Voracity and Voraciousness.

Voracious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Voracious (adjective) means insatiable, greedy or unquenchable. It can be used to describe a person, action or behavior which is ravenous, gluttonous or uncontrollable.

Voracious suggests enthusiasm or keenness when it is used in the context of reading.

The word can have a negative or positive connotation, depending on how it is used.

Make a sentence with the word voracious to express avidness or rapaciousness. For example, when an insect eats its prey with gusto, it shows voraciousness in its behavior. Similarly, when two best friends catch up after ten years, they are likely to have a voracious conversation.

Voracious: Other Grammatical Forms

Voraciously (adverb)

Voracity (noun)

Voraciousness (noun)

Voracious in a Sentence Examples

1) The designer’s voracious use of garish embellishments was the main reason why most commentators in the fashion industry gave his latest collection a bad review.

2) The voracious consumption of news and updates via social media is one of the reasons why people across the world want a change. Everyone wants mankind to see a better tomorrow.

3) Her voracious need to be complimented on her sartorial choices drove her boyfriend crazy.

4) I have turned into a voracious gamer. Sometimes, I don’t step out of my room for days together.

5) The great scientist’s voracious quest for knowledge was the driving force behind many of his discoveries.

6) A healthy projection for economic growth led to voracious buying in the stock market. Investor confidence was at an all time high.

7) His voracious habit of reading makes him spend a chunk of his salary on books.

8) She was determined to lose at least 20 lbs before the holiday season. Her gym sessions became more intense and voracious with each passing day.

9) His personal life took a beating as he immersed himself into a voracious and hectic work schedule. He took home a million dollar pay check at the cost of meeting his family only once a week.

10) The diner’s all you can eat policy backfired because most of the local residents were tradesmen, builders and handymen who were employed in nearby construction sites. Their voracious appetite left little room for the restaurant to make any profit.

Voraciously in a Sentence Examples

1) We went from village to village and researched voraciously so that we could have each and every detail about their rural lifestyle.

2) I am not just an avid reader, I consume books and magazines voraciously.

3) My students watch movies voraciously, with great interest and appreciation. They love the way I teach using non-conventional methods.

4) It’s just a matter of time until he finds the right properties. Once he does, he will start investing in them voraciously and relentlessly.

5) The dominant male lion voraciously devoured the day’s hunt. He refused to share the kill with any of the other lionesses and cubs.

6) The optimistic archaeologist voraciously dug up the excavation site with the hope of making a historic discovery. He was reminded to be careful with the fragile structures around.

7) Every word of the politician’s speech was aimed at voraciously decimating his opponent in the debate.

8) The last six months of his life were spent voraciously practicing and perfecting his guitar skills. He was desperate to get selected in the reality TV show’s auditions.

9) He was voraciously attacked by his opponent. He will miss at least a few games due to the injuries.

10) Although the two sportsmen were good friends off the field, they attacked each other voraciously when they played.

Voracity in a Sentence Examples

1) The voracity with which she reads is stunning. She can read more than two or three voluminous books in one day.

2) He eats with voracity and appreciates every morsel that he swallows. It is indeed a pleasure to cook for a food aficionado like him.

3) The doctor asked his mother to get him to decrease the voracity of his appetite, especially food that was rich in cholesterol.

4) The wildfires engulfed the town with an unprecedented voracity. Hundreds of lives were saved due to the timely evacuation warnings given by the authorities.

5) The voracity with which he pursued the promotion was quite inspirational. Everyone in the office noticed how he had worked overtime to deliver exceptional results every quarter.

Voraciousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The voraciousness with which the leopard devoured the goat was beautifully shown on the wildlife documentary.

2) The book was criticized heavily because it had a lot of explicit material on the theme of sexual voraciousness.

3) The voraciousness with which he eyed me on the street made me cringe.

4) The voraciousness with which she investigated the matter proved her mettle as the city’s best detective.

5) It is sad to see how companies chase profits with voraciousness and do nothing for environmental good.

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