Vivid in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Vivid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vivid, Vividly and Vividness.

Vivid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Vivid (adjective) means lifelike or rich. It refers to something which is detailed, evocative or impressive.

Vivid can be used to describe anything which is bright, glowing or flamboyant in terms of color.

It also refers to someone who has an energetic, dynamic or lively personality.

A rainbow can be called vivid, so can a vivacious person or a haunting dream.

Vivid: Other Grammatical Forms

Vividly (adverb)

Vividness (noun)

Vivid in a Sentence Examples

1) I’ve been having vivid dreams lately. Destiny might be trying to tell me something.

2) A splash of intense blue and vivid magenta above the empire line made the entire dress come alive.

3) Her memories of receiving awards from the minister are still quite vivid.

4) She was adamant on using vivid fabric in the curtains for her new house even though her interior designer advised against it.

5) My son enjoys spending time with his uncle because of his cheerful demeanor(check demeanor in a sentence) and vivid personality.

6) She woke up with a sweat, recalling her vivid dream of meeting her favorite actor.

7) Renovating the while house was turning out to be exorbitantly expensive so we decided to make do by adding a few swirls of vivid colors to the walls.

8) Traveling helps you see myriad landscapes and vivid colors that you’ve never seen in your life before.

9) She recalls having a vivid supernatural vision which still remains a mystery.

10) Vivid images of her childhood flashed in front of her eyes as she breathed her last in the hospital bed.

Vividly in a Sentence Examples

1) She vividly remembers the time she spent with her grandma in her childhood.

2) They vividly remembered the details of our house even though they had visited us almost a decade back.

3) She tells stories very vividly. No wonder she’s the best raconteur around.

4) Vividly embroidered cloth lay all over the floor. After all, it was a textile designer’s workshop.

5) She vividly recounted all the details of the incident even though she was in a semiconscious state when it all happened.

6) She was restricted to her chair because of a severe injury but that didn’t stop her from vividly imagining the life she wanted to live.

7) It was a vividly presented account of the things that happened on the night just before the burglary.

8) The autobiography brilliantly outlines the life he so vividly lived.

9) She vividly painted a picture of her favorite teacher through a really sweet poem.

10) My mother can vividly remember things from her past. She has a terrific memory.

Vividness in a Sentence Examples

1) The vividness of colors in the painting attracted everyone to it. It was psychedelic without being too garish.

2) He is using the vividness of his facade to hide the pain and anxiety hidden beneath it.

3) The ebullience and vividness in her personality make her extremely popular among children.

4) The critic greatly praised the vividness of the characters and the milieu that was presented in the film.

5) The vividness of her description was enough to tell me that she had a close brush with the scene of the crime.

6) The vividness of the incidents in the story enthralled the audiences and made it a masterpiece worth remembering.

7) The vividness of her recollections was exemplary. She could outline every minute detail of the incident that had taken place so many years ago.

8) The vividness of the decor was worthy of being captured for a coffee table book of design.

9) The photograph brilliantly captured the vividness of the bird’s exquisite feathers.

10) Before I could reach the terrace to capture the vividness of the rainbow on my camera, clouds had gathered and a thunderstorm was about to begin.

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