How to use Yammer in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Yammer in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Yammer.

Yammer Definition and Meaning with Examples

Yammer (noun) means to talk loudly in a persistent and annoying way.

Yammer also refers to a continuous loud noise which is repetitive in nature.

Yammer can also be used to describe whining, complaining or clamoring.

Add yammer to your vocabulary by using it to describe a loud and annoying person. It can also be used to express the sound created by machines, irksome chirping of birds or an irritating sound created by any other inanimate object.

Yammer generally carries a negative connotation.

Yammer: Other Grammatical Forms

Yammer (verb)

Yammer (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) The yammer and din caused by those gregarious girls in the dead of night was intolerable. I had to wake up and ask them to shut up.

2) The yammer of birds did not allow us to sleep all night. After all, those were the consequences of hiring a tent in the middle of a forest.

3) The yammer of the machines numbed everyone’s brains after a point. We were desperately waiting for the civil work of the house to get over.

4) The teacher was sick of the students’ yammer. She had a tough time handling the mischievous lot in the outdoor trip.

5) Taking him along is a good idea because his yammer will keep us all occupied and make the atmosphere lively.

6) The yammer of those kids was not as annoying as the screams of their mothers who were yelling at them without any reason.

7) Although we didn’t even move an inch, all the yammer at the ladies club exhausted us thoroughly.

8) The dialogues of the movie were more like a yammer. The director should have toned it down a bit to match the sensitivity of the rest of the film.

9) The book beautifully described how the yammer of bullets did not let the soldier’s wife sleep.

10) The mother ultimately had to succumb to the child’s yammer for going to the park. He had been pleading from a long time.

11) If you don’t have convincing reasons for backing up your decision, you will be subjected to your father’s yammer for the next few days.

12) I am going to be at the receiving end of her yammer once she comes to know that I was the one who broke the window pane.

13) It is sad that only her yammer commands everyone’s attention in the house.

14) Although this locality is relatively quiet, you might be disturbed by our neighbor’s yammer at night.

15) The yammer of the drilling machine doused the beautiful symphony that my son played on the piano.

Yammer (verb) in a Sentence Examples

1) There is no limit to how much she can yammer about her personal preferences in cosmetics brands.

2) All the wine made her yammer all night. That’s how I came to know that she had a crush on my boyfriend.

3) She yammered on and on about how she was not having fun at work, without bothering if anyone was listening to her.

4) Don’t you get tired of yammering when you know that your husband isn’t going to listen to you in any case?

5) Even if you complained softly without all the yammering, I would have still understood your problem.

6) She wastes most of her phone credit yammering away with her friends. She would have been much better off if she invested all this time studying.

7) The journey was tedious enough, but further made worse by my little sister’s constant yammering on the way.

8) Choose an easy topic for the presentation on which you can yammer for a few hours without doing too much research.

9) Don’t worry about how they will kill their time. Since they are the best of friends, the will yammer away about the silliest of things.

10) He had to yammer on the phone with his wife to keep her away while she was driving on the freeway. Else, she might have fallen asleep.

11) Everyone yammers about the redundant laws that need to be changed. But no one is initiating a petition to make the change.

12) You might think that your teacher is yammering on and on about practicing your math problems, but she is saying it for your benefit.

13) This little one is quite unruly. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he has a habit to yammer on.

14) She was asked to give a talk on the latest environmental policies. Instead, she yammered about the government’s limitations regarding the same.

15) I hate radio jockeys who just yammer and utter nonsensical gibberish.

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