Indomitable in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Indomitable in a sentence:- examples of Indomitable Sentence , Indomitably, Indomitableness and Indomitability.

Indomitable Definition and Meaning with Examples

Indomitable (adjective) means unbeatable or invincible. It can be used to describe a person, emotion, thing or situation which is unconquerable.

The word indomitable refers to the quality of being unyielding, resolute or unshakable under any circumstance.

Use indomitable to suggest steadfastness or insurmountability.

A can-do attitude, high-spirited nature, unflinching resolve, undefeatable mindset or fearless approach can be expressed by the word indomitable.

Indomitable: Other Grammatical Forms

Indomitably (adverb)

Indomitableness (noun)

Indomitability (noun)

Indomitable in a Sentence Examples

1) A mountaineer’s state of mind must be indomitable. Without such an attitude, he cannot survive in adverse conditions and arduous terrains.

2) No one in this world is indomitable. Everyone has an Achilles’ heel.

3) The manager was pleased to see the candidate’s indomitable belief in herself. He thought it was a wonderful trait for a potential employee.

4) He seems indomitable from the outside, but is completely shattered and broken from the inside.

5) His indomitable spirit and his determined strategy were admired by one and all. He was also facilitated for the same.

6) She is an indomitable leader who knows exactly who to choose as her ally or enemy.

7) I wonder how she manages to maintain her indomitable facade of cheerfulness even in the middle of acute personal grief.

8) She is an indomitable sportswoman who aces at ever shot she plays in the court.

9) He has the reputation of being an indomitable businessman. But few people know that his success comes at the back of a string of failures.

10) After announcing a few major decisions, my boss walked back to his cabin with an indomitable air about himself.

Indomitably in a Sentence Examples

1) He was indomitably determined to finish the monumental task in record time.

2) Even though they fought indomitably, they could not win the war because they did not have modern weapons.

3) The panel argued indomitably and eventually won because of which the bill was finally passed.

4) He played each shot indomitably but succumbed to failure due to a physical injury.

5) No matter how indomitably you behave, you will have to give in to what destiny has in store for you.

6) Even if he fails repeatedly, he will indomitably surge ahead with a project as long as he believes in it. No one will be able to stop him.

7) Even though he was puffing and panting, he cycled indomitably until he reached the finish line and won the race.

8) He was indomitably inclined to finish combing through ten huge files before calling it a day.

9) He was indomitably insistent that I stay the night at their place. He forced me to acquiesce.

10) She continued baking indomitably even though the last four batches of cupcakes that she made turned out to be inedible.

Indomitableness in a Sentence Examples

1) The indomitableness with which he is marching ahead in his career is nothing short of inspirational.

2) The indomitableness of this brand owes itself to the solid advertising strategies that has helped it to grow.

3) The indomitableness of his courage has inspired many people to believe in themselves and be focused about their goals.

4) He has proved at many instances that his word is final, authority is highest and stature reeks sheer indomitableness.

5) Her sense of indomitableness as the CEO of the company is sometimes very annoying. She closes herself to valuable ideas thinking that she knows best.

Indomitability in a Sentence Examples

1) Everyone knows about the indomitability of his strengths but few know that it comes at the cost of his family.

2) After seeing the indomitability of his attitude, the board was convinced that he was the right person to lead the company.

3) The book talks about the indomitable spirit of the business tycoon and how he survived all odds to reach where he is today.

4) The brand wants to achieve indomitability in the segment in which they operate, by eliminating every trace of competition.

5) He was celebrated as a politician and the leader of the nation mainly because of his indomitability. Each word that he uttered was written in stone.

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