How to use Knack In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Knack in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Knack.

Knack: Definition and Meaning

Knack (noun) means a natural talent or flair for something. It refers to an inherent skill which is not cultivated or acquired.

For example, it is one thing to be a trained marketing professional but a person has to have a knack for being naturally comfortable in dealing with people. It is an inbuilt capability or a type of resourcefulness which is difficult to teach or instruct.

Knack can also be used in a sarcastic way to describe a person’s typical tendency or habit. This includes the knack of irritating people or talking about the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Use knack in your vocabulary to describe an endowment which is an intrinsic part of a person’s personality. A knack can include anything from having the ability to be a people’s person, displaying art of reading other’s minds, showing dexterity in repairing machines or possessing deftness in a certain hobby.

Knack: Other Grammatical Forms


Knack in a Sentence Examples

1) My teacher has a knack of figuring out what her students are thinking at a particular point in time.

2) Although she has a knack for portrait painting, she takes to it only when she is in a good mood.

3) There are a few colleagues in my office who have the knack of making the silliest of mistakes in the most important documents.

4) He was a good salesman because he had a knack of convincing people without coming across as too forceful.

5) The filmmaker has a knack of bringing out the best in his actors, even if they are stark newcomers.

6) She has the knack of doing things perfectly. Not a single time has she has taken something up and spoiled it.

7) My mother has a knack for baking, but I don’t have a sweet tooth.

8) Businessmen like him are known to have the knack of getting jobs done by exploiting other people without their knowledge.

9) She has the knack of doing complex mathematical calculations in her mind. She is a true prodigy.

10) Her mother became a stylist because she had a knack for picking out the right outfits and matching them with the right accessories.

11) Most shrinks have the knack of dealing with people, which is why they are in a job where they have to constantly handle emotions and feelings.

12) He stumbled upon his knack for writing dialogues when he was assisting in the direction department.

13) Her knack of being able to make delicious dishes out of leftovers became most handy when we were on a camping trip and ran out of supplies.

14) The statesman is popular because he has a knack of pacifying people even in the worst of times.

15) His knack for pairing the right foods with the right wines is unmatched. Even the best of restaurateurs are incapable of doing so.

16) Our boss placed him in the customer service department because he had a knack of finding his way out of complicated situations, especially when they involved people.

17) My mother told me sarcastically that I had a knack for getting into trouble no matter how straightforward the situation was.

18) The male gynecologist has found popularity amongst female patients because he has a knack to put them at ease instantly.

19) Be careful of him because he has a knack of charming women and catapulting them on cloud nine.

20) My son has the knack of messing up his clothes even if there is no dirt or sand around.

21) It’s not just his bossy demeanor, he has a knack of making everyone squirm with fear whenever he is around.

22) The technician comes recommended not just because he does a good job with repairs but he has a knack of dealing with wires and screws.

23) This filmmaker has a knack for selecting newcomers who invariably go on to become superstars.

24) It was his knack of adding humor to every situation which made him realize that he could grow up to become a stand-up comedian one day.

25) How can you say that you have a knack for dancing when you can’t even do a summersault?

26) Any instrument he strummed would create a melody. He didn’t just have a knack for playing instruments, but he was extremely artistic too.

27) We were banking on his knack of manipulating situations to his advantage. Otherwise, we would have never expected to get out of such a large mess.

28) Politicians have a knack for making up spontaneous lies in every speech they give. It is a mistake to get swayed by their eloquent discourses.

29) He has a knack of saying the right thing at the right time and impressing everyone, even though he really has no brains.

30) I wonder how my daughter has a knack for falling ill exactly before her exams. The next time she fakes an illness, I am going to confront her.

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