Insipid: Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Insipid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Insipid, Insipidly, Insipidity and Insipidness.

Insipid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Insipid (adjective) means tasteless, dull or unexciting.

The word is primarily used to describe the flavorlessness or blandness of food.

Insipid can also be used to suggest an uninteresting personality or characterless of a thing.

Include insipid in your vocabulary by using it to describe anything which is flat, plain or dreary. Associate the word with boring people, plain food, bland beverages, humdrum conversations, lackluster artwork, dreary locations, flat colors or spiritless behavior.


Insipid: Other Grammatical Forms

Insipidly (adverb)

Insipidity/Insipidness (noun)

Insipid in a Sentence Examples

1) The exotic herbal tea was insipid but I had to drink it because it was offered to me by my boss.

2) His insipid behavior convinced me that he was going to be no good for my team.

3) This restaurant is infamous for its insipid food and dreary ambience.

4) As a creative director of the company, his aesthetics are pretty insipid. I would expect much more.

5) What made you choose this insipid shade of brown for her prom dress?

6) Organic vegetables are flavorful and nutritious, whereas vegetables from wholesale markets are just insipid.

7) My professor’s insipid style of teaching has made students lose interest in the subject.

8) You cannot expect a small child to sit calmly in an insipid music class.

9) It is really tough to spend a whole day at work with a colleague who has an insipid personality.

10) I would have bought this painting if it didn’t have so many insipid color schemes.

Insipidly in a Sentence Examples

1) My wife took revenge on me by serving me insipidly prepared food.

2) The beautiful melody was insipidly rendered by the singer.

3) The topic was really interesting but the speaker delivered the lecture insipidly.

4) The insipidly written novel is not likely to do very well in the market.

5) I wouldn’t have been insulted if she spoke to me rudely. But I was insulted because she spoke to me insipidly.

6) How can anyone call this a love poem? It is so insipidly written.

7) My father insipidly agreed to let me go on a date after much persuasion. He wasn’t too happy with the idea.

8) It looks like he did it only for the money, otherwise he would never approve of such an insipidly curated show.

9) I wonder how a bright girl like her ended up dating an insipidly daft man like him.

10) Talking insipidly on the phone is his way of saying that he is busy in a meeting.

Insipidity/Insipidness in a Sentence Examples

1) The insipidness of the story may have been the reason why the book didn’t gain much of a fan following.

2) The movie was marked by the characteristic insipidness of the realist genre.

3) The insipidness of the evening has left everyone desperately hoping for a fun-filled day tomorrow.

4) We thought that the sightseeing spot would be fascinating, but it turned out to be full of insipidness.

5) The photo exhibition is not worth visiting because all her photographs are full of insipidness.

6) The artist said that it is the insipidity of an unused canvas that triggers the flow of his creative juices.

7) I want to get rid of the insipidity of this decor by using cobalt blue curtains and shocking pink upholstery.

8) The insipidity of the remake is a taint on the original classic. Shame on the filmmaker who made this film.

9) The gray walls contribute to the insipidity of this room.

10) She wants her Mr. Right to be full of charm and wit, not insipidity.

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